3 Terrarium TV Alternatives / Replacements [2019] Terrarium TV Shutdown?

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I’ve been getting a lot of comments lately, it’s saying that Terrarium TV isn’t really working anymore for them. So today I’m telling you guys up with three different apps that are Terrarium Tv Alternatives or if not identical to terrarium TV that should work just fine and sometimes even better.

So in this article, I’m just gonna walk you through getting them. set up on your fire TV and firestick. If you guys already have the downloader app and the file linked app you can skip ahead.

Is there any alternative for the Terrarium tv app?

Yes! In this article, I’m gonna start from scratch in case there are any new people. I don’t want to get anybody lost and confused by the end of this article.  You should have a few new apps on your fire stick that will do the same job as a terrarium and you’ll be able to watch all of your movies and shows that you’re used to.

Okay, guys if this article helps you make sure to leave comments and we’re gonna get started right now. If you already have a file linked on your device like I said before some of you guys will be able to skip ahead otherwise I’m starting from scratch so that nobody’s left behind.

Alright, so the first thing to do right from your home screen is to go to settings, all the way to the right go down and then go into my fire TV and then go to developer options.

Make sure that apps from unknown sources are turned on after that you can go back to the home screen, you’re gonna go over to the search we’re gonna look up the app downloader should come up right here,


like this and this is the app that we need this big orange one says downloader and click download and then just wait for that.

Once it’s done you can open it up you can just press “ok” on this message right here, where you have to type in something you’re gonna type in be IT dot ly slash file blink fire TV.

Then you can click on the Go button and that will start to download. Once you get this go down to the bottom right and click install this is downloading the app called file link, which is what we’re gonna need to get all of the apps so once you get the prompt that says app installed you can go ahead and click on open.


If you get a message that says app not installed you probably already have this app on your fire stick in that case you could just search it up from your home screen and you should be able to just launch the app. 

We’re gonna click on open and it’s gonna ask you to enter a code and my code is one four seven two zero eight nine six and we’re gonna click on continue.

Once the code is typed in you’ll know that you’re on the continue button when it lights up this mint green color and you could just click OK on that here’s a little message from myself to you guys just asking, if you’re interested and letting some people know from my other articles that terrarium TV is no longer working.

So you can click on dismiss ok you’ll get a second pop up after a few seconds and you could dismiss that as well so the first one we’re gonna need here is [MX player]. If you already have it from a previous article or previous tutorial you won’t need it again.


But if you’re not sure if you have it or not just click on the download button here and then once that’s done and it changes into a playbook and clicks on that. So now I’m gonna go down to the bottom right and click install and if you don’t have MX player it’ll say app installed.

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If you do have it already you’ll get the message that says app not installed. So if it says app not install don’t worry it just means you already have the app. So go down and click done we don’t need to open this app we could just click done.


We’re gonna scroll down you can see Terrarium TV is still here but that’s not really working for most people. You got Ip-vanish right here for a VPN if you guys are interested.

Best Alternative Of Terrarium Tv Is Titanium TV

I’ll have a tutorial on that in my article but I’m sure you guys are aware of VPN. At this point, this is the first app that I’ll recommend to you guys it’s actually called Titanium TV very similar name.


It’s actually a complete clone of Terrarium Tv that looks exactly like it just simply a different name. So if you want to get this one do the same thing as we did before click on this download button it’ll start the download it’ll turn into a play button you can click it again.

You get this pop-up to go down to the right-click install and then you just wait for that if you guys wanted to you can go ahead and click open and check it out for yourself.


But since I’m showing you some other apps today we’re just gonna click done to get back to where we were and we’re going to scroll down some more.

Another Terrarium Tv Alternatives Is Cinema Apk

And this is one called Cinema Apk pretty popular it doesn’t look like Terrarium TV it does look similar but it works great this is the one I’ve been using out of all of them.


Everything seems to work pretty smooth on it as of now once again if you want it this app, you click on this download button and you let it download.

Use Bee Tv As a Replacement Of Terrarium Tv

Another one here is called, Bee Tv once again clicks the download button and don’t forget to click on these a second time to go through this part and click install ok.


So after going through the installation of those three apps, I’m back on my home screen now you should see three new apps right here this is the Bee Tv. This is the cinema and this is Titanium TV.

If they’re not here right away on this list you can go all the way to the right click see all and they will be in there ok. So first we’re going to check out Titanium TV. you can just press ok on this pop-up here.

Download MX Player To Streaming Online Movies

You’re gonna want to go down and click MX player and then you could accept this disclaimer here and from this point on it’s exactly like Terrarium TV you won’t notice any difference one tip that I have for you guys


Tips To Watch A TV Show Online

If you’re trying to watch a TV show and you click on it you’ll realize there is no play button in the top right like there is for a movie. A lot of people get confused on this part.

You have to actually go to season pick a season and then pick an episode and now you’ll have your play button so I just wanted to make that clear to you guys because I know a lot of people got lost.

So that’s pretty much it for Titanium TV. I want to quickly tell you Cinema, so go ahead and launch it you can accept this disclaimer and you could press ok on this pop-up. if you get a message that says that the app has an update and it has the option to install.

You can go ahead and do that as you can see this is slightly different than Terrarium TV but also very similar so the main page right here is TV shows. You go up to the top left menu button and you could switch to movies here.

So to give you guys an example of how you would watch a movie using Cinema,


Since it’s a little different than Terrarium Tv Alternatives I’m going to show you now so if I wanted to watch the movie glass, I’ll just click on that one and you’ll see a little blue loading sign at the top and it turns into a play button.

You can select that and just click it and it’ll play the best stream that it has if that doesn’t come up or for some reason, you would like to get a different stream. Then it’s giving you it you can go down and this is where you’ll see the actual list of all the streams available.

So the third and final app Bee Tv we’re gonna launch that. I’m just gonna click on it, for now, it’s going to tell me to visit their Facebook page, but I’ll just click cancel on that to select your language for subtitles.

I’ll click English this one looks pretty different from the rest especially the fact that there’s a huge ad at the bottom but it’s no big deal you got your TV shows on the Left movies very simple easy to use the app. But yeah that’s all three apps that I want to show you.


Today since Terrarium TVs not working these three are Terrarium Tv Alternatives do the job and if one of these three stops working for some reason at least you’ll have the other two and leave a comment on this article if everything worked good for you and feel free to comment down below.



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