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In the physical world, a bot is the larvae of the botfly, it’s a parasite that lives inside animal stomachs and comes out. When everything else comes out in the digital world, Adfly Bot is a software program that’s designed to do repetitive automated tasks.

What is Adfly Bot?

Things like web crawlers or search engines these things web crawlers search engines are BOTS they’re designed to crawl the website and crawl the internet to find out what’s out there to be able to index it vulnerability scanners might be also within this realm other such things as like Alexa and Suri these digital assistants they’re also BOTS.

you might be on a shopping site and have an individual item in your shopping cart and then you have your little sidebar frame that talks about recommendations or suggested items those things are BOTS so on the internet some of these bots are actually oh okay but there’s a dark side to bots and there are also malicious BOTS.

you might have heard of things called Kubb face or conflict or Zeus now these are the bad BOTS or things that can turn into botnets and so while these are the good ones some of the bad BOTS and you can get some of these malicious BOTS.

They’re called Trojans to some extent you get a Trojan by clicking on so let’s put an X you know the mad fish over here so you might click on a malicious link or you have a bad ad server that’s delivering malware you might have a spam email that comes into your system and your computer gets infected.

Then you become part of a botnet so some of the things that bad BOTS do can do things like spam o P an a.m. or DDoS distributed denial of service attacks and so in these instances your computer gets infected and then once it’s infected at various times now we got a whole bunch of others out there to all of these infected computers.

They all dial back in to the command and control center and from the command and control center they would control all of these bots because that program is on there designed to call back to the control centre and from there the malicious bad guys that are out there can do things like sending spam from your computer can be part of a massive botnet to deploy a denial of service attack.


It can harvest things like your passwords from your browsers or just keystroke entries what you’re putting in to various websites they can do things like web scraping so stealing information from from other websites it can harvest your own email contacts and then initiate spams that are out there there’s you know some statistics say that approximately 18 to 20 computers get infected with a Trojan.

A malware bought every second and some of these botnets can control like a single botnet can control millions of computers that are out there so now how do you know if you might be infected so things like your computer’s running slow or it’s rebooting or you’re getting redirected to malicious websites.

Those sorts of things are some of the signs that you might be infected and of course, there are solutions out there to then remove the malware from your system antiviruses anti-malware x’ firewalls things like that so little basic on botnets what they are good.

How IView For You Works?

What is a buzzword from last 2 to 3 years right so chat board is nothing but the new kind of UI to interact with the system and get your queries to result or to interact with the human-like system so new kind of UI is nothing but the conversational UI so before creating the bots with Microsoft bot framework.

It is very important to understand that how exactly the bot works which we are going to create using the Microsoft bot framework s decades so, first of all, we’ll go through the conversational flow using inside the Microsoft bot framework.

So there are three major components in the bot communication first one is as your bot service it will facilitate the communication between the channel and bot application so every interaction between the user and a bot will be treated as an activity so activity can be of a different type.

Like simple text or any suggester action or attachments then second one is the channel which is a platform used to chat or interact with the bot like Microsoft teams Skype or a Facebook each channel can include additional information in this activity which descends across and last one is your bad plication that is your bot code which will send a response or process the activity which you get from the user so we will see the conversational flow.

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When user tries to interact with the bot so when the user wants to chat with the board user will open a chat window and add a bot as its contact into the channel in response to that as your bot service Saints the HTTP POST request to the bottle occasion with an activity of type conversation update the activity.

Contains the user information into the request payload data after user joined the conversation the bot service will say in the conversation update activity to notify that bot has also joined the conversation and for each conversation dot update activity what application will respond with the 200 status code.

Which is a steady be successful so bot response to these activities that means the outbound HTTP requests made for this inbound HTTP request will be in the same scope so whenever the user sends high and the bad application replied with the hello there message so these two are the message kind of activity.

And the previous one was the conversation update activity so now we will look into the activity processing stack in the border plication so there are three major building blocks in the bottle location first one is the webserver then the second one is the middlewares and your bot application code so the webserver is nothing.

If you are using SDK then it will be a speed optic project and that will be a poster into the is server and if it if you’re using dot no J’s SDK then it will be Express or a restavek framework middle this is the second part and your bot Cole so as um what service will send HTTP POST request with an activity of a typed message.

And it will send a hi or hello or an ex end by the user to leave web server so whenever the request comes to web server the webserver will deserialize that activity and deserialize that JSON data which you get from the post request and deserialize it to the activity type of object and that activity type of object will be handed over to the adapter creates a turn context and calls the middle.



So turn consists of the user’s incoming activity to the body as well as the response from the bot to the user so we can say it is nothing but the processing associated with the activity which is sent by the user the term context object contains the information about activities such as the sender of the activity.

what will be the receiver and any channel-specific data as well as the tokens consider inside then middle there is a processor function over the incoming requests as well as the outgoing response all the middle bears are executed into the sequential manner and at the end of the middleware pipeline it will call the turn handler function from your bot code so your pod code contains a controller method and inside that controller method controller class you have on turn method so turn context will be passed.

The processing by the middleware to the on turn method so inside that on turn method in both activities content will be processed and bot will respond back with one or more activities so you can bot can send hallo message or it can say in the cards which we call it as attachment to the user back after that control goes to the middlewares and middleware so again processes the message.

When it is going out that is outbound messages or album activities after receiving the response from the bot service it will send 200 HTTP status code to the bottle Acacia and bot will also send the 200 that is ok response message back to the bot service which is the last message for that turn so this is how the bottom books which we have created using the Microsoft bot framework SDK version 5.

How To Create A Bot For Free?

Want to share to make a basic internet bot I have out here. So this is just basic on internet but even though this is some basic stuff you can take this and practically make almost any bot so I’m just going to show you just basic so we’re just going to make one that log in first you want to open notepad so you know to start run notepad a quick way to do will be holding the start button and press R and then one comes up open notepad.

let’s make the font smaller again and let’s well the first thing you want to do is save this file to your desktop click where it says save as type click all file and just write by VBS you should see this blue script file up here on your desktop and when you double click it executes the bot but we saw the write the bot eat yellow we’re going to choose W script for this meaning you don’t have to go out and download any software all the software is built into Windows and will work for us so in notepad you want to start off by writing set.


Let me make this font a little bit smaller now I think it’s good the right set web browser equals create object the note we’re going to write Internet Explorer dot application we’re going to harness the power of Internet Explorer which this will work on any computer whether you have Chrome Firefox installed this is probably the only time I ever use Internet Explorer is what I’m using bots so this will let us harness Internet Explorer now.

We’re going to write web browser now what we want to do is remove all the things that will slow it down web browser dot status bar equals false web browser menu bar equals false web browser toolbar equals false then work now when you’re running a bot you don’t want that you don’t necessarily want to have it visible if you want to run in the background.

But if you want to have it visible so you can see what you’re going to go on what’s going on right web browser dot visible equals true and we’re going to go ahead and have it visible and as you can see if all your code works when you double click this blue script file just open up windows internet explorer and there’ll be nothing at all in it so after that’s done we’re ready to start making our BOTS.

so first we’re just going to make a simple one that logs us into Gmail and I’m just going to use an alternate account so we’re going to say web browser dot navigate the this navigate function we just right in here where we want it to make it the bots navigate to we’re going to say two male comm now let’s test this as you can see it loads with now how do we fill out these forms well the there are a couple of things you need to know.

If you’re something on a form let’s say a button you have to click it you want to remember you got to use dot click you’ll see this later like this checkbox if you want to check it you got to click it if it’s a text box that you write in you got to remember a dot value and if it’s a text area well the difference between a text box and a text area is text boxes have one line text areas or more than one line.

You’ll see what I’m talking about in a bit but just remember anything you click on start click anything you in any text boxes dot value in any text areas text dot inner text so these are two text boxes which mean dot value and this is a button which means not click so we want to do is open up Google Chrome I suggest using Google Chrome for this and we’re going to go to wait for it to load and see.

You should see these two things and there are these empty input boxes right click hit inspect element and when this thing pops up it should when you click right-click the text air the text box and it inspect element it should load up this developer tools with this align highlighted and that slime that’s highlighted should say like input and all this you want to look for where it says the name equals or ID equals.

Both of those will work so what you want to do a find where it says name equals or ID equals and just double-click what’s in the two quotes and right here see in the two closes email so just copy this and you’re going to go back to your bot and you’re going to write to prevent errors we’re going to say W scripts.

sleep 5,000 that will just make it wait for five seconds because if you try to edit a form while the web page is loading you’ll get an error in your code with a stop so we’re just going to make it wait five seconds to make sure it’s done.



Loading then we’re going to our web browser dot document dot all dot item and see all dot item then in these parentheses we’re going to write what we just copied email now what we’re going to do we’re going to write dot and what I said before since this is a text box I want to write dot value and that will change this in the text box and that’s we’re going to log in as cross key test no way whenever it is.

So cross key tests at now look what happens any double-click the spot five on run it as you can see it will load up the page five seconds later it writes cross key test at and username by cell so what we’re going to do we’re going to right click the other text box and we’re going to copy that and that’s password PSW d we’re going to we can just go ahead and duplicate this line goes back to gmail let’s copy that again PS the ID is psso WD like I said you can also use names for this and ID’s they both work.

They don’t have a name right or not if one of the fields on a form doesn’t have a name or ID just don’t bother with it um so see this one the is we’re just we just got to change web browser document you just got to change email to password dot since the dot value because it’s a text area and the password .

I made for this I just made it’s a BTEC one two three four five because I had a VTech phone by me VTech and then we’re going to get the last one the last one is the button we right click the button it says the ID is sign-in let’s copy that and web browser document dot all dot item sign-in since it’s a button we’re going to right click and that will click the button for us but it takes like a fraction of a second to write all this to fill out all these forms.

So if you make it click at the same time it’s trying to fill out the forms it could not fill them out properly so we’re going to make a stop again and say W scripts leave 100 that’s a tenth of a second and so this will make it wait for a tenth of a second to make sure it fills out all the forms and then click the button now.

When I run this spot it should log me into Gmail let me see if we’ll do it by itself I’m not typing anything as you can see it successfully logged me into Gmail so this is a this may seem like a simple no really simple Bob like what can you do with this but this same concept can work anywhere if you take the URL.

And let’s say change it to a person’s let’s say earliest you change it to a page on a forum and you change document that all the item you change this to the title where you type in the type the title of your posts and this to the body and that detects and then do the same that the same thing nowhere you can make it like post a thread for you.

If you go ahead and learn VBScript you could learn math functions and all this stuff to actually be able to make your bot do pretty advanced things this is just the basic bot believe me Vivi scripts easy there are tutorials for it everywhere but that’s just how you want to make that’s how you make a basic internet bot.

But this same concept throwing on with regular coding you can make almost any bot this is how I make my bot except usually I use JScript it’s the VB script cuz it’s just it just feels nicer a J script files the same thing except you write bot GS so you may see bot files like as a blue script or like this tan script so whatever that this is that’s how you make a basic internet bot and that’s about it.

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