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This is just an e-book app a book reader app does its job very well it’s been on the market for quite a long time let’s take a look at it and show you around so when you first open it up this is the bookshelf that you’re going to be looking at this is all the books that you have at this current time they’ll be on your shelf if you scroll to your leftover here you’re gonna have the last red book it’s gonna give you all the information about it down below you get all your other books and how much you’ve read of those and what percentage you have done of the books and then you can scroll the opposite direction once you get you to your recently at it and then once again you can also press on these tabs to get there a little bit faster without scrolling so this is a recently added books that are kinda within to read a book you would simply go in to a book whatever it may be.

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so let’s go to this the white thing here and if you would just simply to turn your page you would just press tap on one side over here over here you could tap on the right and it’s gonna go to the right you tap on the left it’s gonna go back in pages so let’s do this so as I’m tapping over there it’s turning the pages okay that’s how that works you can also tap up towards the top and you’ll see a bar will come down and this is for bookmarks you’ve got some text highlighting you can set the how bright the book is and how them the book is for your reading preference or this is a go-to you can click on this and it’s going to take you to a certain page or a certain chapter if you want to go there you also have let’s say we can find something here it doesn’t matter which one let’s go with this if you continue to press on a word it highlights it so you can highlight quite a bit of stuff you can drag it over and highlight more than one words you can highlight a sentence and you can you know to make it a note you could share it. Aldiko Book Reader Premium apk free download

aldiko book reader premium apk

aldiko book reader premium apk

Aldiko classic premium apk

If you needed to you can look it up on the dictionary if it was a single word searching copy so that’s the things that you can do with it which really is pretty handy as far as you know if you’re doing something as hard as maybe it’s schoolwork or just reference for yourself or something that you’re gonna know and we’ll look back later you’ll be able to go back and all the notes that you saved in the book you’ll be able to go look them up by looking through your filters so let’s go look over further over on this side let me show you what’s going on over here the page one now is the book page you also have an author spade so if he was if you just wanted to look by an author you could click on an author’s name it’s gonna pull up all these books that he has available or her books tags if you tagged something if most of the stuff is just basically categories like here’s my fiction books. Aldiko Book Reader Premium Apk free download

I’ve got eight I’ve got three fantasies you know I’ve got a ghost book so I mean this is just the different ways that it tags it out you can just quickly filter through your books if you have a lot of them collections I don’t have any collections but if I did it would show the collections or if I put anything at my favorites I can see it here also so let’s look at the store real quick this is the store that comes with this that you’ve got the new and noteworthy you’ve got your bestsellers you got your public domain books which the majority of these public domain books are free so you can get you some free books that’s why there’s no price tag on them you get to New York town bestsellers what you’re gonna throw up in here is a nonfiction that was fixed and nonfiction and of course you’ve got some books in Spanish in case you’re a Spanish reader that gives you that option now let’s go back you have that’s all the options we were looking at that you can search by all these different options and there’s also the free books which I wanted to show you that you’ve got public domain books which is where you’ve seen it earlier when we clicked on it the store itself has some quite a few free books that you can get also and you can also go the original books.

Aldiko book reader premium 3.1.3 apk

There are quite a few free books in the original books and the way this works just say how easy it is like here’s a book about vampires here they did if I wanted to read this book I can click on it get all the details I needed on the page what it’s about I wanted it I can click download it’s gonna download it to my device immediately it’s gonna add to my bookshelf and it’s gonna take me to the book so here I want the book and I can turn the page and start and reading about the book that’s how that works pretty simple and what I want to also show you is you have the option to add other catalogs so what’s like here’s some suggest at once maybe you like a Reilly book smash words or some romance books catalogs but perhaps you have other ones maybe from your local library or things like that that you want to take and you want to add because a lot of those sometimes are free too and you can decide to catalog this by adding the title of it in the Earl that’s who would get from the source. Aldiko Book Reader Premium Apk free download

And you can add it and then you’d be able to import them into your to this reader which is really handy and it files the purpose of the files basically is be the stuff that you download it’s gonna end up in your ebooks so it’s all over here but there could be a possibility that you maybe you have a book that you brought over from your computer when you plug it up and you dropped it somewhere and this app doesn’t recognize it where you can go to it with this you can find it you can click on it and in the moment you show it once it’s gonna remember it. it’s gonna put it on yourself and then the problem soft that’s the reason this is here doesn’t happen very often that this app doesn’t recognize books when you put them on that device because I’ve not had that issue yet but it I imagine if it did happen that I would be able to use the files and go back and get and get it taken care of so I mean this is basically what this is about there’s different sorting so you can do with it.

aldiko book reader premium apk

aldiko book reader premium apk

If you need to sort when the author read things like that you’ve got some filters you know that you can filter the things by if you get a lot of books because you might load up you know if you’re a big book reader you might load 5060 books in here or more and you know might be trying to find that one perfect book to start reading and you know might stumble so that’s going to help you out a few of that and then you can you’ve got a list view also you can use on this it’s not as pretty as the bookshelf but perhaps this is what you would rather have because you have a chance to hit every book here see details you can delete your books out for your thing also so that is the that’s mainly what this app is far like its ebook reader you got a nice little story in it you’re not it’s not like the Kindle or the Barnes & Noble where you lock down the one store this you can import the catalogs different catalogs in and things of this sets and you can run through it which is really really handy and it’s really nice it works really easy really good not just munched on tablets but I had this actually on one of my smart phones and it worked without any issue whatsoever I believe I had it on the galaxy. Aldiko Book Reader Premium Apk free download

Aldiko classic premium 3.1.3 apk

I didn’t have any issue whatsoever so it’s definitely a pretty decent app and I recommend it for an e-reader it’s decent there’s there’s no reason not to like this app there’s nothing about it that you not gonna as it gives you plenty of options as far as going in and messing with the settings as far as perhaps the page is too bright or too dark if you want to rate make the font bigger make it smaller all those options are in there they’re all readily available which makes it nice it makes a nice reader perhaps you know you’re reading in a dark area and you need it a little bit brighter perhaps or the opposite your outside and the sunlight and you you want to do the opposite you know you want to get that glare off of it so you had that options you can set it all with this there the settings which are quite nice so I would say check it out install it see if you like it and if you do like it post below to let me know if you like it tell me what you think about it.

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