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If you want to know the details about {Content://}, Then you are in the right place to know full details about it.

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Avast mobile security and antivirus Details Review

Avast mobile security and antivirus it’s got a hundred million downloads holy crap. That’s a lot that’s one of the top downloads I’ve seen we’ve got 4.5 out of 5 stars let’s see what the reviews say on it best antivirus easy to use useful good security great protection constant notification cool.


Content:// temporarynotifications

let’s go ahead and install and let’s try it out alright let’s go ahead and open it right let’s go ahead and hit the get started button here alright so here it is big scan Now button here boost RAM option clean junk check speed and lockouts this is the most user-friendly app I’ve seen so far just to the point boost ramp clean junk check speed lock apps that suck to the point.

I like that I like that a lot let’s go ahead the big Scan button is just crying for us to hit it let’s go ahead and hit a loud here just go ahead and hit a lot of that comes up now we’re starting to see ads pop up to tell the truth I really don’t like ads all right.

so it’s scanning right now so found to risk so far while that scan what’s going pretty fast actually I was going to go back in the meantime going pretty fast slow down now okay let’s go back for now while that runs in the background continue scan so the progress is there let’s see what boost ram does here. 

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It’s cleaning the memory right now it’s going by pretty fast and it’s done 388 Meg’s of RAM freed up nice 25 app skills and of course we’ve got an ad going on here that’s not good it works it works fine is just these ads can sometimes lead people let’s go ahead and do the clean jump feature here.

tantalizing storage right now that’s going to take a while holy freakin crap here we have an ad in the middle of our screen oh wait it’s not an it’s not an ad it’s actually a decimal security okay it looks so all I can add I was like what the heck all right let’s hit resolve now let’s see what that does okay that’s on two risks USB debugging enabled oh come on that’s why I can be able to do stuff home protection disabled.

Let’s go ahead and able that so we got to go to accessibility to enable that we got to go in here selectively apples tree and switch on and here it is down here we’re going to slide it to the on position it okay go back and hit the back button one more time okay so here we are let’s go back again.

so that’s resolved this we don’t really we’re just going to ignore that we want I use you as we did with debugging all the time and here we have another ad pop up just great all right let’s go back so the scan that’s done the clean junk thing what happened to that there it goes alright so it cleaned up 5.63 megabytes now it’s not that much it’s going to clean a heck of a lot more for you guys.

Let’s just I’ve been using so many of these uh cleaning apps my phone’s already cleaned so that’s why I don’t show five Meg’s there let’s go ahead and hit the check speed here feature let’s see what that does Oh first time I see this on these apps it’s actually going to check the speed of my 3G or 4G here on my tip ten-point she’s going down now ten point three megabits per second and upload around three-point something.

three-point seven megabits cool that’s not bad that’s the first time I’ve seen that in an app that’s what I like about of s it can actually tell you what your speed is that’s pretty cool actually that’s Wi-Fi speed that we’re using right there that’s my Wi-Fi my wife rides not really that fast so it wasn’t even a 3G my bad guys so you guys can check your 3G by doing that like that now I can’t go to 3G.


Content:// temporarynotifications

Because I’ll lose connection to mobilize here that’s hard recording the screen on my phone so I can’t show you the 3G but I recommend you guys to try it so there are this walk apps feature but if you notice is a little pro thing here that means that you probably can only use this on pro so you got to upgrade to pro to use this so in the free one you only get the scan booster.

I’m clean drunk and check speed alright now where is the update button usually these have an update you like a virus definition update I don’t see it here anywhere other apps that Vasquez cleanup battery saver Wi-Fi founder and secure line but does not have an update button maybe only on the probe.

if it does not have an update button I can’t give this app a good reading you need to update we need to be able to update this thing maybe it’s found under here now let’s look in, here again, let’s go to there’s no setting button are there.

It is setting let’s see if it’s in here so notification is charging booster protection subscription updates here we go there we go here it is updated under the sunny let’s go ahead and hit check for update now it’s updating so good this program does have I mean this app does have a check update feature.

So I recommend you update your phone at least once a week with the new virus definitions and there we go that’s pretty much it for this app it doesn’t have much for being a free app there’s a lot of freaking ads on it so I got to give this I’m going to give this a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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