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Windscribe is a VPN provider of Canadian origin. But we don’t know much more about it, except that it arrived on the market not long ago. And that it made a lot of noise with its free offer, but limited in the number of countries.

In the volume of data transferred (10 GB per month). In its Pro version, it was well-received, in particular, thanks to its very aggressive commercial policy. And some cool features you’ll find in my Windscribe VPN review below.

Windscribe, a VPN that focuses on encryption and privacy

I couldn’t help giving you my Windscribe VPN 2020 review. Because you have certainly heard of it. Or that you have already seen one of their social media ads that promise a lifetime subscription for a small fee. It was a special operation (therefore limited in time) in partnership with a large e-commerce site. As I told you, this supplier likes to cut prices and be talked about as much as possible!

So I contacted their team, in order to have a Windscribe VPN test version . And they kindly gave it to me. Besides, they absolutely want things to be clear from the start dear reader: as a partner, I am paid for this article . But be sure that this is not to say that I will not be objective about the quality of this Virtual Private Network (VPN). And it will only earn its place in my top 20 VPN if it deserves it!

Well, it starts well when we look at the servers in French-speaking countries , with: 9 servers in France, 6 in Switzerland and 33 in Canada. Not to mention the Windflix servers , dedicated to streaming Netflix US or Netflix UK. So to watch videos in HD , no worries.

Then, the company offers a strict privacy policy with zero log , with the minimum of information collected. And it provides dedicated servers to download torrents .

Windscribe 2020 review and summary

  • Highly secure encryption
  • Native apps
  • No logs, P2P and BitTorrent working
  • Easy to use
  • Not the cheapest VPN
  • No live chat
  • Approximate or missing translation

Go to the Windscribe website

Windscribe VPN offers and rates


As I mentioned in the introduction, there are 2 formulas: Limited and Pro . The Limited plan is free, but limited . You will only have access to 11 countries and a bandwidth of 10 GB per month. To know the list of countries covered, visit this page .

The Pro plan includes all the VPN functionality, unlimited. For the latter, you can choose to subscribe by the month or the year . If you really want to use a VPN , the monthly plan is pointless. Because it is way too expensive. On the other hand, the annual formula is interesting because it is very affordable.

Unfortunately, if you want to try this VPN, the free version will not be enough . Because it offers lower performance compared to the Pro version. I imagine there are a lot of people on free VPN servers . And so the speed takes a hit … By cons, if you subscribe, the money back guarantee is very very short. You can benefit from only 3 days to make your Windscribe notice.

I do my best to keep all information up to date , but I recommend that you click on the photo above to have the latest offers available .

My summary for Windscribe VPN

Feature Value
 logs  No
 torrents  Torrents allowed
 Netflix  UK, US
 Multi-login Unlimited simultaneous connections
 Countries covered 52+
 applications PC (Windows, Mac), Mobile (iOS, Android)
 Satisfied or refunded ? 3 days
 protocols OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), IKEv2, Stealth (TCP via Stunnel), Routers (DD-WRT, Tomato)
 Data volume Unlimited
 encryption AES-256 bit encryption (military)
 IP addresses Unavailable
 servers 429+

Windscribe VPN reviews in practice

Windscribe Netflix, does it work?

Well, there is good and there is not so good … Let’s start with the bad news : you will not be able to watch Netflix France with this VPN. I tried all the French servers, to no avail. So if you spend time outside the borders of France, I advise you to look elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you want to see the American library of Netflix , it works very well. I tried a standard server in the States and it didn’t work. But with the US Windflix server, no problem. And the same goes for the English server, even if I don’t see much interest, unless you are a fan of the English series.

Windscribe test: Torrents and P2P

If you download torrents anonymously , it is entirely possible. But only on the servers indicated . So if you see an iconP2Pon a server, you have to choose another. And there is a lot! Trust me, I had to search to see what icon they were talking about on their site .

windscribe torrent p2p

In addition, Winscribe has implemented a very strict no-log policy . So your activity is protected, even in the event of a request for information from the authorities. Since they only keep the bare minimum: username, password and email . You can use a pseudonym and pay in bitcoin to guarantee your anonymity with the service.

Of course, just because you have the right to use P2P does not mean that you can engage in illegal activities. Otherwise you are going against their terms of use.

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Windscribe features in detail

In this paragraph, I will only dedicate myself to the features of the Windscribe VPN . And I’m not going to touch on those of the browser extension. I will do this in another section of my Windscribe review.

Kill switch

With a keen interest in the privacy of its users , there could not be a kill switch on their PC client. However, it is called Firewall here. And it is activated automatically by default. So when you launch the VPN client, you have internet.

But if you start the VPN connection, you will be isolated from the internet until the VPN connection is active . It’s pretty clever, I think. And it avoids having to leave the VPN when you are disconnected.

As a reminder, this feature prevents your IP address from being visible if the VPN connection is cut. Because if your connection shit while you are watching a streaming, or downloading a torrent, the OS tends to reconnect without going through the VPN. And so everyone can see from which address you watch a video or download …

DNS leak protection

This provider has implemented DNS leak protection for IPv4 and IPv6 . We’re not going to go into detail, but it’s good for protecting your online privacy. And it prevents your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from knowing what you are doing. To enjoy it, there is nothing special to do.

Stealth mode

If you go to preferences, you will find the list of available VPN protocols . And one of them is the Stealth mode . It is the house protocol, to be used in countries with strong censorship (China, Iran, etc.). Because it should avoid the inspection of packages, thanks to the Stunnel application (link in English). However, it is slower than OpenVPN (UDP and TCP).

Secure hotspot and proxy gateway

It’s quite unusual, so I’m talking about it. This feature is only available on Windows . And it allows you to create a secure Wifi hotspot directly on your computer. Thanks to this hotspot, you can connect your other devices to the VPN , or even those of your family or friends . That way you can let everyone enjoy your secure connection, without having to install Windscribe on their device.

The proxy gateway, on the other hand, allows you to create a secure HTTP or SOCKS5 proxy server directly on your Windows or Mac computer . However, it is only available on your local network. With this feature, you can connect all your devices that support proxy servers and allow them to enjoy a secure connection . Basically, it’s for your TV, console and other such devices.

Windscribe notice: Windows client

Easy to use interface

In the series of VPNs accessible to everyone, I ask for Windscribe VPN. Because it is very simple to handle . Once you have launched the client, just choose a server and click on the ON / OFF button . And if you just want to connect, you can leave the Best Location option . And click on ON / OFF so that the client connects you to the servers with the best performance , depending on your location.

In addition, the great thing about other VPNs is that you can easily switch servers . No need to log out. Just select a new server from the drop-down list and the client will connect you as soon as you click on a server.

If there is one point that bothers me a bit, it’s the French translation … As for their website, I think they went through an automatic translator, like Google Translate. And sometimes I had a hard time understanding, especially when it came to options. I admit that I am ironed in English to make sure I understand…

Also, all notifications are in English , those you will find by clicking on the bell. It’s a bit of a shame… But fortunately the other notifications on your use of the VPN, which appear in the taskbar, are in French. So you can understand how it works.

windscribe notifications

Simple and effective options

I find that Windscribe VPN has found a good balance when it comes to options . Because most of the essential options are there. To find the options, click on the hamburger menu (on the left next to the name). And click on Preferences . You will find 5 tabs to adjust the client to your liking. But you don’t have to go into the options for it to work!

Other Windscribe VPN applications

They did it right with their software. Because they cover almost all platforms. Both Windows and MacOS PCs , as well as Android and iOS smartphones . Without forgetting the routers DD-WRT and Tomato . And I remind you that you can manually configure the VPN on all your devices .

Windscribe VPN review for Mac OS

Windscribe for Android

VPN Windscribe review: for iPhone

Windscribe VPN review for browsers

Unlike most other VPNs, it gives a lot of weight to its extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera . Indeed, they recommend their VPN + extension bundle as soon as possible. I don’t like installing extensions on my browser. On the one hand because it slows it down. And secondly because there are often bugs that allow users to be tracked or that leak information.

windscribe extension chrome

But for this VPN, there are features that bring a plus in their extension:

  • Cruise Control : If you surf on a blocked site, the extension will change servers automatically to unblock the content.
  • Double Hop (double VPN): You can connect to 2 servers at the same time. The first with the VPN client and the second with the extension. So you can improve the protection of your anonymity. By cons you will lose speed …
  • Ad Blocker : You can block all ads, trackers and buttons to social networks. There are several advantages to this: sites that load faster and better protection of your privacy.
  • Timezone Spoofing : This feature allows you to pretend that your time zone corresponds to the area where your VPN is connected. To be even more credible with geo-restricted sites.
  • Cookie Monster : To delete cookies left by a website when you close a tab, and improve your anonymity.
  • Split Personality : You can randomly change the user agent to hide your tracks.
  • : It is a URL reduction service, with a confidentiality analysis of the web page. So you can know which tracking tools are present on a web page, before visiting it. I did a test with Wikipedia:

Best free Vpn Reddit


Coupled with an extension, the Windscribe VPN is a fairly complete solution to guarantee the protection of your online privacy. In addition, you will be able to access the Netflix libraries in the United States and the United Kingdom , thanks to the Windflix servers. Although it’s great for accessing more content, this VPN does not allow you to watch Netflix France . So if you are expatriate or you travel often, it is better to find another supplier.

no-log policy and the possibility of using peer to peer (P2P) on certain servers make it a good companion to download torrents , in complete security.

Finally, with a very aggressive commercial policy , it is possible to benefit from their Pro offer for a reasonable price . But only with a year subscription . It remains to be seen how the service of this fairly recent VPN will evolve. And will they be able to continue offering their free plan for much longer? Because a VPN is expensive to maintain, and it’s surely just a way to build a customer base.

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Version Size Requirements Date
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