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The Buzz Launcher is a smart and free theme has the name flame here so it’s got 10 being downloaded it’s a really good number 4 at 4 in 10 million ratings is really very high numbers of that already made me to try and show you guys know what is good and bad about cheating.

So I’m using this launcher from almost three days now and I listed on couple of Thrones and cause and I will show you guys a 5 rows 5 counts and few bugs that I found out so there lot of maybe good and pros and cons but whatever I found good and useful I should think to show you guys here so before we go ahead let’s take a quick look on the how the original launcher setups look like you as you’ve already seen how the launchers looked like we do by default get that here’s one as their this is what you will get a couple of the screens here.

Buzz launcher theme

You will get a usual a square rectangular shape icon here and you can see this is your dock and this is kind of transparent unlike it this is a messaging here this is browser this is contact and phone dialer but they have made it nice transparent way and a kind of different icon styles not what you get to the default Google styles or Android-style going inside that one you have a couple of the pages here you got my specific tab side you can add any of your favorite if you want just to quickly access that this is really nice because they don’t have any recent tab bar you that’s why they move that to here.


And they have some Gatorades feature you can enable that one this is how user this is a widget tab here you can choose your own really whatever you want you can go and apply there and here you can search the app according to whichever you want because I really find I it’s tough to find sometimes apps that’s why I need to cite that or this is my personal impression here because show you guys how the settings in all stuff looks like so if you just press here for a couple of seconds here you get this usual quadruple edit is free and they have some sort of memory cleaners kind of RAM cleaner home page bus this is you get to themes and all and added screens launch the settings going to launch a settings you get all those usual stuff like edit screen app drawer sorting in here you can change what you where you want.

Look your folders available and return gestures backup restore they have and block blue light reduce eye strain by blocking the blue light and nice spins really floating icons and launches think they have the locker here since I have let me show you here I have here my locker if I just unlock it here and this is the usual you can change that I really kind of like that because guys you can see it’s simple ice phone and everything is here’s five to unlock and this is small you can configure some of the absolute if you whatever you want and it shows on the lock screen the percentage and all you can see 45 percent is in all battery is able to see so this really looks nice I prefer their locker action is nice so moving to the pros Kaiser proves number ones and you will get free app log and screen lock different from the default that you can customize.

I’ve shown you guys here they have the app locking feature too and let’s go here go to launcher sitting and you keep seared I’m a hide and lock app so LD have configured ad and you can see you have intuitive selfie too and it does work and if you try to unlock your phone something in clock and the lock April you can now hide you can hide the apps here and for example let me show you here if you go inside if I just click here you see the option here hide if you hide that app here you see the option right height if you see the option hide here you can easily hide it and when you try to open that you will get the password open that locking features with the intruders and fill it already I’ve shown you guys here and it has worked truly so and moving to the pros number three you can see the unread bash count.

For example if I get inside the app where you can see I this is social folder here it shows me and number 10 right and here you can see this name this n so 10 exactly we say there should be an app which has 10 notification so please you have the sense install any app and they need to install a bus digit if you want to for example you can see this is the block I never by default it was disabled and when you want to all the features and all you need to download that so that’s how you will end up downloading this push finish alright that’s how you get that so this is a feature here and pros number four and number four after all looks sprayed kind of me.

I’ll show you guys here have this features like my that you can easily customize frequent apps features you can area size here so this somehow they have a nice camera I don’t have any comparing that slaps knife and it consumes less memory and battery and works fast too launcher just takes 24.1 3mb situations is less and you can see is from three days it’s never went to more than about 19 and so I feel it’s nice and they have even feature guys here let me show you against you guys said if you go inside this settings and others you see here an option keeper in memory keepers launcher running in state and always being in also if it is disabled at so they tend to reduce your batch in memory consumption that’s why to enable licensure and hopefully this thing work and you have options to restore themes from other apps.

A lot of features they have push notification will be warned that is not sharing download on home screen so many subsets so these are kind some pros guys that I figured it out and you can easily create videos like that standard way there’s no problem in that and you go inside give you a quick shortcut you can see here you can directly add to Google search here this is really nice here if you just click here and you see it’s a king vs. here directly okay moving to the counts guys unusual launches.

I think that is confusing getting difficult some time already or to find Google Drive I really still don’t know where is the Google Drive here so let me guess we already tried at the studio D communication game celebrity finance personalization photography and no should try any should are with games if it not in Fitness social it’s not in social shopping I don’t know utility library so I don’t know when I never I would refer to such that way it’s easy for me excellent goes number two guys unable to set the lock on the ass but camp Eden and shown you guys here.


There’s a feature in which you can lock ass but I really didn’t get how to log that if I just got an option here this is a folder if you go inside this folder and a supposes assisted Tech I just want to lock here I’m not getting any option I just get here you see to hide app info and uninstall so and it’s kind of tough for me how to unlock apps but anyway there’s a way you just made the app hide and this option you just take password to you know to click on run the hi-so that’s how you can do that and close number.

Three guys hundred batch account is limited if you have let me show you only option for mystical Twitter true caller and your Gmail nothing more so there is no such option you can do 400 count and constant Vettori okay well command is not working if I just I tried all the settings is it’s not working okay Google so my Nexus 6 in the back here and it is working if I just press ok well it says listen from five feet away but it’s not this phone so that’s how its concert eyes and performance you inside the app drawer let me show you guys that if I just go here and then any folder I want to move this barcode scanner outside right.

Let me just try here so you can see this in performance should kind of delays you can see is not as smooth you know see it’s not going there if I move here and if I just go there should be smooth it takes time towards so that’s how kind of constant so these are the guys made in part it was because their couple of bucks too so some features are not working Android and this is Nexus 6 living in red and dirty 3 I tried it both phones Nexus 6p Nexus 6 is not working so but I tried that on other phones Alcatel One Touch x1 marshmallow it is working and even I tried in the sorry that el Carril vintage SN is a lollipop working here and even tried on this marshmallow and this is a phone and this is also working this.


I feel running Android in-depth with it so you might make it disappointing some features not working for example even I am not able to customize the folder I want either transparent we’re not able to customize in Android and so they need to maybe look at because may the launches are getting optimized for Nova Launcher prime that I’m using it’s already configured for Android and most of the stuff almost all stuff are working okay and one more problem guys here if you just try to remove all the apps on the folder, for example, there is a three year to app so if I remove all the apps that foolish should disappear it’s not you can see there is a folder called lifestyle.

I remove the assistive touch app here I don’t know where to get lost so it was here but it gets applause so I removed from yours to the folder is there so you need to manually explicitly delete that unfold so usually it should be the kind of verses you’re not going to clean that personally all these things so till guys a review for the bus launcher in case you’re looking for such launcher you know I mean you can remove all the pages also nobody’s on that so you can just have seen Kelpie if you want to square icons there are themes and packs icon packs you can do that but it takes a lot of a stimulus.

Buzz Launcher Apk

All things stuff so that’s why I prefer the launch of is a simple and guys but anyway launcher is your person preference that you guys will decide which launcher you want so going to this launcher in case you want that already have shown you most of the pros and cons so also make sure to voice the 15th launcher all the top 1502.

Requirement Details:

  • Package name: Buzz Launcher Latest Apk
  • Version: (1090707)
  • File size: 13.5 MB
  • Updated: July 20, 2019
  • Minimum Android version: Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 15)

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