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The New Version Of Damon Ps2 Pro Apk Emulator

Finally, a new version of the Damon ps2 emulator that is the version 2.5 just updated. so let’s see where the new features what are the new features so 3d games of ps2 games that 90% graphical textures bugs fixed it to 3d games of ps2 games I don’t know so what well. how many games I made to a few ps2 games few ps2 games the framerate of the game is increased by 20% to 50% so again whew why they don’t mention.

I hope they can gather on Facebook they, of course, they can’t put everything on Play Store but they could maybe do a kind of official statement official feedback feed log on Facebook and next time update okay the next time and we will release version 3.0 to increase the framerate of more ps2 games for different ps2 games in the version 3.0 version the frame rate will increase by 30 to 80 percent what the heck that’s crazy that is crazy I don’t know we’ll see what’s gonna happen we will see what’s gonna happen okay anyway so let’s run it. Damon ps2 pro apk 

demon ps2 download

daemon ps2 pro apk

I’m having here epic a gamepad they added this new logo intro so if I can call it like that regarding the settings so just go quickly that they didn’t add any option regarding the settings here graphics detailed everything exactly the same audio nothing exactly the same controls also they didn’t add anything new here and system nothing new everything is as it is was as it was before so let’s begin first with the Devil May Cry 3.

Damon PS2 Pro Emulator Download For Android

So shall we go this is book phone F once time taken a 45 knots I’m taking a 55 right now I don’t have the 855 in my hands I hope I’m gonna try to maybe I maybe I’m gonna make with this not doing any 55 if I find for a time we will see I mean you’re gonna have the bindings below for the best game Mountain game gaming devices under $500 and under $300 example poke fun f1 is the best for the gamers Kill Devil May Cry 3 check it out and just this is on to access solution running right now. Damon ps2 pro apk 

daemon ps2 pro apk

Let’s check this thing just a minute let me exit from everything that’s fine Damon aiming ps2 Pro ok tell me crack three special edition okay   remember ninja this one-two x’s whoosh not on one exon 1 X you get better performance but the resolution is really bad I will show you in a minute so you can check my older game plays on the Pokemon f1 with the older belt and see if there are any improvements differences like I said here this stated just a few ps2 games so I don’t even know which ps2 games, of course, I’m not paid to do this video to do these videos ninjas nobody’s paying me from Damon or whatever and I can’t just focus on ps2 games right now how and how many days.

Damon PS2 Emulator Apk Download

I would need to test out like majority of ps2 games no how many titles ps2 console has     what what was that okay let me just show you right now how it runs on 1x rendering resolution 1x go back it’ll be cry 3 okay press Start what it’s even once even what what is this bro what kind of bug is this turns worse than on 2x it’s gonna get a little bit or maybe not maybe not oh it seems that I have the version of this game that’s capped at 50 FPS ninjas doesn’t want to go higher than 50 FPS wait a minute is that it is this Paul version should maybe it is Paul version that’s why it’s capped at 50 FPS is it   oh don’t know it’s not capped at a there we go I have right now 60fps now no no it’s not capped it’s not kept my bad okay let’s go to the next game okay ii v 1x resolution okra for an f1 fight no instruments.

It’s running full speed back and five on two X resolution 60 FPS with the daemon a new update daemon ps2 Pro at 1.2 1.2 version this is insane many many people the haters of the daemon PS Terminator said that this emulator will die but check it out Tekken 5 on 2 XS solution is running 60 FPS full speed check it out it’s not the only game that is running full speed like this one remember just six months ago this game was barely running 25 FPS Damon ps2 pro apk .

This is an insane insane progress super insane progress there you will see many many different games are running in insane speed and not all of them but many many of them are so this is the biggest update that I saw in my life ninjas at least since they release this demon ps2 prime later by the way I’m using a xiaomi me 9 you’re gonna have the buying links below it is the piece of the beast for the people who want to have the most powerful processor right now in the market in android world adjust anyway enjoy in this gaming test.

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Let’s begin ninjas right now we gonna test test that can 5 care check it out on 2x resolution I will show you just in a minute what are the new settings which you need to activate in the air in order to have this advancement and improvements in the speed it’s amazing bro it’s amazing turning around probably been enemies enemies complete let me check this out bro house fastest a huge opponents huge improvement amazing amazing look amazing.

I call him you can check my other gameplays you’ll see nothing ok let’s go at the next game ok before that I forgot that this is the daemon version 2.0 I made a mistake on the intro sorry for that knee just anyway let’s go-to graphics will show you here it’s 2x resolution and we’re gonna show you right now here where do you need to go it is a faster processing rendering to texture put it on enabling you can also test the arrow and put the faster of a test on enabled bro remember Damon ps2 pro apk .

These are the two options which obviously did improve the performance here the FPS and also the new version has an auto option disabled outdoor just put it on 0 0 0 everything you can play around those settings but everything else here is the same in controls nothing added I think so and they didn’t add anything in the controls and in audio nothing even in audio remember that bro anyway so this is it let’s go to the next game that will be let me just see which game we’re gonna test right now and let’s go at this Smackdown here comes the pain here comes the pain let’s see here and boom   oh man that’s funny goats running amazing oh my god.

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Something really good Brooke come on leave me alone bro what the heck this guy’s a psycho. I can’t escape him, man, I bet it brother oh my god even another guy came in finally whoa-oh no it’s running amazing gosh I’m so sweet I think 9 slept again in 55.

Okay let’s go the next game I think that’s enough of this game bro shall we go with the Resident Evil 4 let’s go to the resonator for this is nods bro anyway on two exhalation Jess this is not 1x this is 2x a solution nice so fast man this is so fast I repeat again in just don’t judge other gameplays on YouTube channel most of them were being used what Excel solutions so don’t look those a gameplays in the past if somebody showed you that they’re using the 2x resolution then judge the older gameplays with this gameplay of mine you can use obviously my youtube channel but if you are watching other youtube channels which are mainly copycatting my content and everything please make sure to be aware that most of them are using 1x resolution and what execution is the laws.

I know Pocky Kimbrough embezzler boom bunny sorry doggie I’m in a rush         still running really amazing good this amazing performance went to excess solution hey let’s go to the next game okay ninjas we can attest also downhill domination of course on show me mimics Asami ly9 this let’s look at 8:55 let’s see here how it’s running with the daemon 2.0 version amazing Braun to access solution this is amazing performance   and I have to admit that a lot of texture bugs are not yet fixed it but that’s an amazing speed brought this amazing speed on 2x resolution I think that this game is kept at 60fps bro am I wrong I think it is bro, yeah it is I think I’m using the full version at NTSC ah good one that bad Damon ps2 pro apk ;

This is strong something   such a great game and childhood and I’m playing this game about when I was a kid oh I can still see you   close I won’t even have to pay up to catch it this right-wrong crazy game though okay let’s go the next game and let’s go down with more heavier game and that will be the Colossus shadow of Colossus where is it we go let’s see what’s happening with this game it was super super laggy understand again 8:45 let me just run it over here let’s check it out me just okay improvements are there but not a big difference at least it’s not running bro this is one of the heaviest ps2 games I have to admit this is the best game to benchmark this emulator with the new processors check it out.

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Still those glitches she still those bitches I’m trying to use the arrow option try to use our option come on let’s go on the horse in this sunlit place hold of the Saudis Enzo and look to where the light beam focuses I know I know know what you doing bro I’m gonna get up to do yeah it’s laggy man it’s super laggy there so there’s no progress I think so that it is in progress with this game it just depends you see myself it depends States let’s optimize that it’s simple like that even if we had a Snapdragon processor from 2003 hundred or so since this game is not optimized this emulator is not optimized for this game then you won’t see any progress there if you have the most powerful processor because your cell is running for FPS right now.

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This is horrible so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna just save it over here and I’m gonna just change the setup let me just go to the setup setup setup system and I’m gonna tweak this on to one – let’s see what’s gonna happen with this setup well this is what is the Colossus why it’s not showing here man I don’t get it just a minute there you go Shadow of the Colossus Colossus Colossus anyway let’s load it from here and kind of running faster bites like frame skipping images this is frame skipping, in my opinion, it looks like it’s frame skipping this looks it’s faster Damon ps2 pro apk .

I’ll go climb on him men   huh no there’s no different there is no different than she’s tellin ya I see myself no progress with this game whatsoever let’s go with another one okay just let’s do the black YES on the shaman e9 snap take an 855 on 2x a solution I’m gonna try to use also one exit solution later on.

Damon ps2 apk download

let’s begin with this one let’s go here from space save the slots load the movie sleep so they fix the textures man you see that they fix at the texture but you see yeah they did man a lot of textures are fixes with this game but it’s still super slow here but the textures are fixing that’s good man that’s good Damon ps2 pro apk on death row what the heck I’m dead let me just go to this stage maybe find the shotgun yeah man a lot of textures are fixed with this game probably right now it’s even heavier since it’s showing the full graphics press X to continue what the heck how did he die still alive let’s change ninjas the graphics to 1x then we can also change the setup they’re just first we’re gonna do that in just a minute black is over here.

daemon ps2 pro apk

daemon ps2 pro apk

Let’s see what’s happening with the 1x resolution no difference no difference no difference whatsoever and for the end I’m gonna just try to use two one two let’s see here well this help with the black game 2-1 to set up oh the boys are back   but now with the glitches you can see myself extras are messed up but still same speed ninjas it’s still same speed so you can’t play this game and anyway faster than it is right now so fortunately bad news slight small improvements but not that impressive for us to play this game as we can play those other ps2 games it’s also one of my favourite games but I love it anyway let’s go with the last game and then will be the final fantasy 12 there we go Final Fantasy 12 on show meanie 1980 55 check this speed bro textures are a little bit messed up that’s a little bit a lot and we’re let’s attack this dude did I came Imperial sportsman.

Damon ps2 download

I think I need you to change they go let’s go up shall we go up attack waiting still waiting but he’s dead man I’m gonna attack him when he’s already dead here we are in then a lot of glitches that this is not though this is impressive and this is the smooth as I ever played this game it’s way smoother than the 1 plus 60 and poke fun f1 wait a minute what is this should I go up oh I’m going up final fantasy 12 well show me me now I’m bro no I’m not gonna say that leave it as it says crystal we’re gonna go next are we going up and up and up man checking here the temperatures let me see the temperatures here and no overheating issues whatsoever skip Oh finally Oh I’m alone with Damon ps2 pro apk them bro finally let me just try to use my attack abilities and boom another tag bro finally will he attack him I think he’s attacking him automatically.

When I select let’s go down select the sportsman ain’t amazing man this is super smooth breath this is super smooth not perfect it’s not like console experience but it’s it’s progress man the progress is obvious I think that most of you will agree with me now go left or right my bad wait a minute where I need to go now Oh passenger door open them whoa where I’m going okay what is happening now the screen is loading okay so I think this is finished the first stage of whatever everything just this is it I hope you enjoyed and the small short a gameplay test I mean it’s a short it was really long one of the daemon ps2 pro 2 version 2.0 we showed the best.

Download Damon PS2 Pro Apk :

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