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What is Atlas IED ? How it works?

Next generation voice loudspeakers this new line offers numerous enhancements including auto registration and auto provisioning to simplify integration within your network architecture. Auto-provisioning or Auto registration is an easy and time-saving process to configure our voice loudspeakers on your current deal and it’s similar to the method used for standard VoIP and assess by sitting on the same VLAN.

Both VoIP phones and IP loudspeakers share the same quality of service so communications are always secure and guaranteed our allowed speakers easily connect to the network via a single standard cat 5e cable. The same cable also provides power from the power over ethernet capable network switch the popular choice for large buildings and campus environments ala sayidi voice loudspeakers are the solution to produce accurate high output audio levels for large listener spaces or areas high in ambient noise.

Atlas IED advantage


Another Atlas ie D advantage is that within a Cisco cm environment our lab speakers will register as a native communication endpoint directly within informaticist and si announce third-party notification applications. Furthermore, our voice loudspeakers can join Cisco Unified survivable remote site telephony as a supported device and provide uninterrupted communication. When outage ever happened alternatively Atlas IEP voice loud speakers can also register as sip devices directly to a sip server or voice communications manager for critical alerts and public address application because we cannot foresee how any emergency will unfold zone specific communications can be made real-time weather campus-wide or within specific areas.

Instructions from the command center are clear and intelligible through the audio announcement everyone please carefully evacuate the building and the visual in K through 12 and higher learning facilities our Atlas ie devoid series of products are the perfect solution there are multiple models to serve your needs let’s introduce you to the i8 s PMF plus IP loudspeakers. It incorporates our world-renowned professional-grade 8-inch loudspeaker with a built-in power amplifier designed together for accurate speech intelligibility and high output capabilities.

The assembly also includes a high resolution LED display and LED multicolor flashers for visual communications during an active broadcast complying with a DA standards in standby mode its LED display serves as a digital clock and not only do we display time we save time reducing labor by enabling you to update the clock via the network additionally a built-in microphone enables clear and intelligible talkback communication between a room and another area.

Atlas IED voice loudspeaker

Now all your campus buildings are communicating the same information simultaneously and consistently using a single enterprise-class communications platform from day to day announcement to emergency situation let the Atlas ie de voice loudspeakers be the perfect solution for your campuses needs learn more about our void solutions and other Atlas IUD innovations at Atlas


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