Far Cry 2 Highly Compressed For PC 500 MB

Far Cry 2 Highly Compressed For PC 500 MB
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Far Cry 2 is an associate open-world first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft metropolis and printed by Ubisoft. Far Cry 2 Highly Compressed For PC 500 MB had been free worldwide for Microsoft Windows in Gregorian calendar month 2008. it’s the second installment of the most way Cry series, preceded by 2004’s way Cry and followed by 2012’s Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 2 Highly Compressed Description

You are a gun for rent, cornered during a destroyed African state, stricken with protozoal infection and made to form deals with corrupt warlords on each side of the conflict so as to form this country your home.
Fire — Feel the warmth of the foremost realistic fireplace ever seen during a video game! Use wind and propagation to surround and entice your enemies. Grab your Molotov cocktails or flamethrowers to require out your enemies.
Destructible atmosphere — No a lot of obstacles: Everything is breakable and alterable, even in Multiplayer mode. The DUNIA engine’s RealTree technology additionally delivers the foremost realistic nature deterioration system ever.
Open world — expertise real freedom whereas roaming in additional than 50km2 with none loading. opt for your own path during this huge atmosphere and explore a living African world.
A huge journey — Fight for 2 rival factions, and build your high to your primary target by any means that necessary. battle over seventy facet missions to earn valuable data, new weapons and vehicles.
Non-scripted computing — Medics can drag wounded troopers to safety. Grunts can come back to worry you. Your name and in-game actions can build enemies drop their guns and endure their lives. Feel the strain of ne’er knowing simply however associate enemy can react.
MULTIPLAYER — Challenge your friends however watch your back—you ne’er recognize United Nations agency your true friends area unit and United Nations agency may betray you! All the one player technical options also are gift in multiplayer mode.
Far Cry two: game’s new contains the total so much Cry 2 game, as well as all antecedently free patches and also the so much Cry two game DLC with further content listed below.

Far Cry 2 For PC 500 MB Weapons :

The player has access to a massive arsenal of real-world weapons, together with pistols, combat rifles, shotguns, crack shot rifles, rocket launchers, pistols, and lightweight machine guns. the sport divides these weapons into 3 inventory slots, every with a particular list of assigned weapons. additionally to the 3 styles of selectable weapons, a panga continues to be used, will|which may|which might} be accustomed execute enemies and also the player can carry an outsized variety of grenades and Molotov cocktails. All weapons within the game square measure “mirrored”, with ejection ports, loading handles and alternative user-controlled components on the left side;Far Cry 2 Highly Compressed  the sole exception is handguns that square measure ejected to the proper. Some further changes square measure created in some, like Ithaca thirty seven that contains a facet discharge port. a vital feature of the sport is that these weapons degrade over time. Weapons get dirty and have a tendency to urge stuck and become utterly unusable.

Far Cry 2 Screenshots

Far Cry 2 Highly Compressed For PC 500 MB

The player can buy weapons from many armories, which give an infinite offer of serviceable weapons, still as manuals to boost the responsibility and accuracy of the weapon. it’s attainable to unlock a lot of weapons within the Weapons Store by playing missions associated with the destruction of the arms convoys of the competitors for the owner of the weapons store. Weapons also can be off from fallen enemies, however they’re still in their most degraded state and may solely be used for a brief time before being blocked and eventually utterly broken. the sport options realistic options like weapon degradation and a dynamic weather system.

The player will mark bound components and locations, like cars, crack shot towers, ammunition collections, and buildings so they’ll be monitored on their map. once the vehicles square measure broken, the player should perform a short repair animation involving the adjustment of 1 of the radiator bolts, heads or the other internal half employing a ratchet. The player should additionally affect totally different levels of protozoal infection. each thirty to forty minutes in real time, the player should take a pill to fight against the glaring and critical effects of the malady. The Dunia engine permits advanced sequences and events throughout the sport, with day and night cycles, still because the regeneration of trees and vegetation.

Far Cry 2 Highly Compressed For PC 500 MB

one fireplace propagation mechanism, that permits atiny low fireplace to unfold and presumably cause massive fires, will be accustomed profit the player throughout the fight or against the player. The behavior of the hearth depends on factors like wind speed, direction, rain and also the sort of vegetation. for instance, a hearth might not unfold as simply during a lush and wet jungle setting compared to dry, sedgelike plains and savannahs. many species of animals will be found within the game and may distract the enemy and create him notice the presence of the player. All massive game animals square measure touched herbivores, like equine, wildebeest, gazelle, buffalo, impala, and oryx. you’ll additionally notice pets like goats and chickens. None of the wild animals within the game represents a right away threat to the player. The enemies found speak 2 African languages, Afrikaans and Zulu.


Far Cry 2’s multiplayer mode lasts the dynamic components of the sport for the only player and provides a game as accessible as attainable in order that it’s obtainable the least bit levels of ability and account within the style your own maps within the map editor. He additionally understood the good name of vehicles. on-line matches are often organized for up to sixteen players. The game’s expedition options four modes, namely: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Diamond and rising. Survey mode provides a variant of the node capture match together with a captain for every team. solely captains will capture the points on the map and a team should clear the enemy captain once capturing all points to win the spherical.

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The multiplayer game relies on the categories, with six categories obtainable. The Excelle in disturbance combat and ambush with shotguns; the Rebel uses explosives and fires with flamethrowers and rocket launchers; the shooter provides nice strength with lightweight machine guns and rocket launchers, and saboteur uses concealed and suppressed weapons. every category will opt for the suitable main weapon and throw, further as explosives like fragmentation grenades or Molotov cocktails.

Players will unlock additional powerful weapons among every category by disbursal up to a few “blood diamonds” in one category. Diamonds ar obtained through expertise points to four alternative players and come through goals. attainable enhancements for individual weapons among a category embrace user manuals, maintenance manuals, and bandoliers. The multiplayer mode includes a rating system that awards points for enemy players, revive friendly players, capture management points and capture diamonds.

Far Cry two System necessities (Minimum)

CPU: 3.2GHz Pentium four, Pentium D two.66 GHz, AMD Athlon sixty four 3500+ or higher
CPU SPEED: three.2 GHz
OS: Windows XP/Vista
VIDEO CARD: 256 MB video card with Shader model three (NVIDIA GeForce 6800 + / ATI Radeon X1650 +)
3D: Yes
HARDWARE T&L: affirmative
SOUND CARD: affirmative
DVD-ROM: affirmative

Far Cry 2 Highly Compressed two counseled necessities

CPU: Intel Core two couple Family, AMD sixty four X2 5200+, AMD Phenom or higher
OS: Windows XP/Vista
VIDEO CARD: 512 MB video card with Shader model three (NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS + / ATI Radeon X1900 +)
3D: Yes
HARDWARE T&L: affirmative
SOUND CARD: affirmative
DVD-ROM: affirmative

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