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How to Get Locker Codes at NBA 2K20

Locker Codes are all specific codes you are able to redeem in MyTeam to get bonus advantages. To secure many more of them, you may absolutely seek out the social accounts for the match. We advise trying to keep a watch out for the official Twitter account for codes or even maintain this site bookmarked because we’ll be including them in as they’re released.

Where to Use Locker Codes at NBA 2K20

So do you know exactly what locker codes really are, and exactly where you can locate them, exactly where do you really utilize them in-game? Effectively, you are going to need to go to MyTeam, go into the’options/features’ menu and pick’enter Locker Codes’. You are going to wish to put in them all caps when you’re there.
That is all we have so far on NBA 2K20 Locker Codes. For more on the game, why not check out our NBA 2K20 Best gamers manual. For a look at Offense Controls, head to the NBA 2K20 Offense Controls Manual.

NBA 2K20 Confirmed Locker Codes

Considering the fact that NBA 2K20 only published, there aren’t all that many locker codes out from the open yet. No matter we’ll be adding a lot more just as they’re released, so you are able to earn advantages in MyTeam. Here are all the NBA 2K20 Locker Codes we’ve identified thus far.
  • THANKYOUMYTEAMCOMMUNITY – Ball drop for 3 loaves, mt per week pack

  • HZ84F-HG82V-WPD76-37AYT-921DW – up to 3 Tokens




Get More Codes: 

How To Use NBA 2k20 Locker Codes On The Game

No money spent squad we have been doing . okay so, first of all, I just saw that their purchase an emerald small forward so call our small for position emerald-like a thousand MT for two tokens so you’re gonna go cheap in that already auctions is fixed right the auction that actually works now 750.

Unfortunately I can and for that so we got a Boyan for 850 Santa collection there we go so we ended up getting two tokens for a lot of is gonna – you got two Doggett’s for something that simple and I’m probably gonna hold on to boy on because I have a weird feeling there’s gonna be certain challenges.

you might need players for and I don’t think he’s gonna sell for any less than 750 and even still even if I do disk item also make barely make a loss it’s not really too bad about that so there are a couple of locker codes.

I’m gonna enter in first of all these are where you guys can find them till you go into my team community hub, first of all, you can see it Indy um I’m not sure where it is but if you watch this whole thing there will be a locker code somewhere.

Okay you can pause and a Hellfire is though you passed it I love her too like I only sound white you can feed cash but like cash literally has not played my team since like the 10th of September or something for a week.

After lunch was the last time cash played my team there we go there’s the code if you guys want to see the code you can type it in well you guys can screenshot it but there is the code right there and there is another code in the ask a dev one not sure exactly where it is.

I think he talks about something about dynamic duo’s in this hey guys I got really angry about like a dynamic duo’s and he said just watch Oscar have one and let’s be real Robbie if you are watching this does anyone watch the community tab does anyone watch it can we go Josh Smith cards soon.

I don’t see the real questions like what the hell’s happened to the server oh yeah yeah so there is another doctor code I will type that one in I shall type that one in first before the other one because I can’t find that for some reason so that is going to be right here it is QA NDA.

so it’s like two K gives no locker codes for ages and all of a sudden it’s like Oh locker codes for everybody it’s like so many locker codes I just like I don’t even care about things NBA 2k20 locker codes.

 I just want the game to fundamentally work okay if the gameplay isn’t absolutely terrible like I thought UK nineteen when two canine teams were where it cannot it’s best with the way shooting was it actually took.

 I’m not even saying it took someone to have a scale-like as a pure video game it worked like if you release the same shot three times in a row it probably would have the same outcome what happened three times in a row and well not all the time but it did it more into K 1992 cases.

2k20 70 on NBA 2k 20 the problem is is that if you green 5 shots in a row you’re gone you don’t green to 6 when you’re guaranteed to not miss it but if you agree with no shots you have it you’re probably going to make two.

those two to three of those and non-greens so spalling rewards packs are interesting like spotlight rewards there they’re like the carrot water two cards they’re like the Shawn Marion stove cards like the card to pick up along the way.

I’ll be really enjoying this hopefully I don’t think we’re gonna be anywhere near that I don’t really mind I’d rather not get the tokens I’d rather get the MT that’s fine not the worst thing in the world to get 1,500 MC he’s like three tokens is one-tenth of a now with this player in 1500 MT is a quarter of the way.

I’m with this guy right now the damages are so so they’re so affordable in general right now a lot of them like even Purvis short who I used in my last video is he’s not expensive at all so cash and – don’t know what I’d love to see.

I’d love to  NBA 2k20 locker comes Carlos I love to  NBA 2k20 locker codes for something like in the community tab interview tidy buff who won the qualifier on ps4 I’d like to  NBA 2k20 locker code skills Amoy kills what does he play it again that much like when you’re looking at in terms of like people that are grinding the game.

Henry Denver I know obviously 2k won’t because they promote coins but then on the upside JD crossover except like 50 episodes into anomaly Spencer’s I love to  NBA 2k20 locker codes someone like that someone that actually spends a ton of time in the game.

I know obviously they don’t have the draw of cash nasty and I’m not saying what to kr doing is wrong because I know if I was a publisher advisor in 2k I do the exact same thing but I just love to see it as an I could consume as someone who’s kind in the community I’d love to see someone that’s like no offense the cash what actually plays my team.

talked about my team and I typed in around code great what do you guys think if you guys think that something like the community tab should actually have some members of the community involved in it because I could be a minority it could just be me that things like this.

I just think that the more people that don’t play my team the talked a lot about my team the less likely people are to actually learn about the game I remember in the 250k tournament cash nasty was talking about how he was should have been using Scottie Pippen has cash not played do cash no play 2k 19.

Actually, know it thought was a rhetoric question he didn’t fly to K 19 up to the 250 K tournament last year if he’s Scottie Pippen’s released was baited last year okay so now we’re on to the ball drop okay.

So I wouldn’t mind getting a wide pack because the potential from Melo is a lot of empties I already have the Tim Duncan just sitting there but I do really want that rewards back so let’s see I’m not that forced about the legacy pack for George Mikan.

Because I don’t think there are that many great fighters called me not like comes in that oh I thought we had it we don’t Wade though we didn’t get a bad one there I would have motor out of it one more to the right but sure look a legacy Dwayne Wade is not the worst thing in the world.

So let’s see who we get in these bags so I actually have six-packs to be open so I’m just gonna open the contracts and stuff really gratefully I got them for playing a little bit of offline triple-track which if you want to get contracts and stuff that’s not a bad way to buy game out to play her for sure.

It’s actually in my team triple trad Awards the free agent cards that nobody ever nobody have months Gobert arenas goal consume was back we get nothing it is as you know we might get a contract I had injury which might work if one of my players gets like a billion injuries which means we should have one of the guaranteed cards.

Please seven amethyst is that amethyst no it’s Shaq or Varejao it’s even worse I’m gonna hold on to him you might have value in like six months time he’s gonna know about he right now is that a gold emeralds Paul Millsap Reedy that we got you got a wheel chamber I’m trying pack for you Paul freak in Millsap.

My locker codes got us a little bit of empty I think and it got us I guess a terrible very show card so now we are going to just have a look at some of the archives for evolving so I’ve been trying to get some of the rebounds with Derek.

I’ve only managed to get I am time but once I get the rebounds done I’m gonna try to get the rebounds while trying to evolve Devin harris who actually need four more points to evolve that is not going to be too bad I’m i just I’m gonna involve him.

You gotta have titles for these videos but he does become one the best point guys in the game Wayne Wade I do really like twin Wade I really do like him I’m like once he gets that three-ball even up to 72 he was really good but once he gues went amethyst I, he becomes legit.

Once again I’m pissed I’m super fast but I don’t think I have that type of time on me Derek I think I’m gonna I will eventually have alder coop this one tier I probably won’t evolve on past I first hear of amethyst Kenny smith.

Let’s be real he’s not getting involved 700 points hundred assists that’s not happening they’ve already fully evolved Marbury Tyrell Brandon discards ass this card absolutely sucks and then we have all these guys a vault so I’m gonna have a look at my squad right.

Now so yeah a squad is still looking good is definitely still looking good Purvis short is a beast Stephon Marbury’s starting I like Bryan winters I should I think who do I want to replace there isn’t anybody there is not anybody I really want to replace right now in the squad.

Unfortunately couldn’t get anyone great in those packs but sure look it is what it is this is what our nobody’s fence bought is looking like and why not just play a game with the squad so anyway now let’s get on to it.

All right so we are playing against Dave Bing – your ass big country Xavier McDaniel a lot of Evo’s might actually change the way he plays if he’s trying to either these priors up he has that’s a faulty vote him.

Every one of those players an Evoque edge okay well you got a Hall of Fame quick first step which we can’t use to any effect their take to a wide-open green it’s open decent release okay shot there by winters are three green there you go we’re still ahead by three.

okay he’s guys putting Rik Smits in the game so it’s a bully ball time I think for him let’s go he’s got a lot of kind of half shooters and  shooters in the floor like a shots I can force him into them like their shots – probably that one obviously was a decent shot there but a lot of time.

I can get a hand on them shots picks to the corner three these and released by – hits it straight on straight on straight-line kick the shooter go – really screen oh come on I was horrendous like we actually started off relatively well in that quarter.

we just dated towards those last that’s the thing though if we’re scoring although right like we’re only scoring I rate at 15 points a quarter if we make too bad possessions like we did right there and do a couple of dumb things here.

there it means that teams are gonna be able to stay in the game with us so what we got to do is either cut out the dumb place or SCORM 115 wastewater as even as that because you’re gonna if I give up six points a quarter to don’t plays then all to like turnovers and fast breaks.

then all the other team has to do is consistently put up six points a quarter and it’s still the game well six points of their own in the quarter and it’s on the game whereas if I can put up twenty I can afford those six points.

 if I’m only putting up fifteen I can’t the defense be a leader let’s go push first of course someone’s gonna be open up this let’s fry again for three finally find the agreement fry he’s got a 99 three-point shot I’m being dead serious he’s shooting 35% from 30 feet honey Green’s probably 33% to no shots.

I think I’ve hit like five nine greens I’d say average honey fry from three the terrible shot I was dumb you got lucky right there are you going i stunk rose someone’s gonna be left to open here to Ray Allen didn’t mind you be ELISA who somehow gets the ball for an opening lap and he hits it Uli’s get out of there three.

he’s Auto greens let’s go and the man you be ELISA he’s basically showing why he is in the squad right there pick the be ELISA in the corner for three that’s Auto green okay so we’ve got I’m free Simon’s in because he’s just got high stamina and we also have got Purvis short.

if you guys don’t know about Purvis short we’ve used them in a couple of games now he’s good for one thing and one thing only and that is love cheese lob cheese is back I’ll sit up it doesn’t matter.

it doesn’t matter he brings in Brian we use to help from now on he’s gonna leave wide open the corner every shot that I can hit Freddie consistently and we are actually getting really good looks off to love cheese.

so they’ve left open in the corner for three green it’s open decent is release very short it’s a big three right there we got him not in no position the guy that we have to lob they’re pretty short hey lob cheese did a job anyway.

there it’s a table release keeping the lead for seven points I would hope that would have got me a bit of a bigger lead I would have hoped for an I’m gonna spot up for three right there Green big shot there by Jerry black with Pastor Rick Smith he’s definitely not shooting with that des Mason.

there you go help down help that help down the defense that’s possible Oh SPI steel they are so already missed it let’s say they just got so lucky there I’ll say that someone’s opened and it’s Szczerbiak who hits the three hey stop here.

and we should have this game one that’s a bad bad play and they make it alright we actually do need a score here a three would be nice if they do help off Johnny fry or wide open that’s moving oh I doubt he can’t give on the catch.

all right given the middie not a great mid-range shooter and he hits it okay back to em stay calm we can panic if it gets back to like three points or something but seven we still have a fairlead just hoping that he helps us some stage off B ELISA aha at the exact person.

I want to deep while he’s Arab yeah he’s someone who can’t hit whites he can consistently hit whites even though he’s right prepares right he is 90 but it’s not as good as Channing Price who can’t hit whites at all hey leave a shooter wide open that’s not gonna work.

we actually managed to pull off a fairly good win right here like this is definitely a not a bad opponent using a good team okay so a handi 13-point win there Indiana, not a bad team he came up against.

what we get in this do we get like an automatic higher edit card or something okay’s be on amethyst oh my god a Kobe Wilma livable or a Pierce either of them I’ll take either I’ll take Paul Pierce.

I will gladly take a pauper’s he is going right into the squad he is an unbelievable addition to the squad oh man he is he’s because he’s legit like Paul Pierce is legit one of the best small boys and game.

I would have rather gotten Kobe exactly what I wanted to get rid of Bryan winters and we replaced them with Paul freaking Pierce that’s my he’s so great he’s unbelievable like he’s got range extender that eye or quick trough you can argue like I do prefer Kobe.

I think he’s more fluid but Paul Pierce is brilliant as well he is absolutely brilliant so I cannot complain about a perfect card to get for all my locker code.


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