How to download Fortnite for Android/Pc/Mac/Ps4/Xbox totally free.

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If you want to know, how to download fortnite on your Android/Pc/Mac/PS4/Xbox. Then You should check this Article.

I just want like you guys know that this is not the official fortnight android APK download. Alright it’s crazy how I have to explain myself over and over again like I even I’m even putting it at the beginning of the video alright as sad as it is this is the male version of fortnight PC to your Android device but hey it works so it’s better than nothing you know I mean if you guys are just one of those people would rather wait and play the legit version didn’t by any means go ahead but if you guys cannot wait like me then this is one of the ways to play fortnight on your Android device because it’s right now we do not know the official Android release date and we’re just gonna have to wait so either you wait and complain and whine about how it’s taking so long or you try to make do with what you have and play the PC version of for a night on your Android device.

Download Fortnite For Android

Now if you plan squad it’s not really that unfair because your team does carry you so yeah but anyways again I just you know want to say this one last time this is not the official fortnight android apk but yeah i think i’d like to see more videos like this driver like in today’s video if you guys are new to the channel subscribe and click on that notification bell and don’t forget to comment what type of videos you guys would like to see in the future I wasn’t really planning on making this video because I already mentioned on my gameplay video what app I was using to play fortnight on my android device but all of you guys are still asking what the app is called and how to play using yeah I just want to say another thing this requires you to pay a subscription.

how to download fortnite on pc
how to download fortnite

it’s ten bucks now if you guys are a viewer like for example in the Philippines and 10 bucks is like 500 pesos and 500 pesos is a lot that’s like school lunch money for like almost two to three months if you cannot afford 10 bucks make sure you guys watch the whole video I will put a time on the screen on how to get free money now I’m not gonna be doing a giveaway since a few people you know they just don’t believe in giveaways because they don’t really win so to make it fair for everyone I showed you guys a message and how I get my gift my gift cards but yeah so I’ll put a timestamp on the screen where you guys can get free 10 bucks it’s not a giveaway so it is guaranteed you guys will be able to get 10 bucks and yeah so anyways with that being said let’s get started.

All right guys this is actually very very simple like it’s a lot simpler than what you guys thought I already mentioned the app on my last last video I’m pretty sure I don’t know but I upload a gameplay video of how to play four nights on your Android device and I mentioned what the app is called a lot of you guys are asking for the tutorial so here it is and hopefully you guys like the quality I finally found out how to use manual focus on my stupid camera so it should pick up the letters on the top left corner of my screen because as you guys can see my wallpaper it is white so it is pretty hard to see that and one last thing before I actually show you guys how to get the app in place for a night on your Android device my window is open and that is because it’s summer again and holy cow it is freaking hot in my room either I have that or I have my fan turned on next to me it’s gonna be really really loud so I do apologize this same thing is a problem last year in the summer of 2017 and if you guys watched my live streams it’s kind of like a problem by asked if you guys hear cars or stuff like that I do apologize especially planes so what you guys wanna do is you guys want to go to the Google Play Store then you guys want to look up an app called vortex I’m typing this right for text .

how to download fortnite

All right now I just want you guys know that this app is in beta so if it doesn’t work for some devices don’t worry it does get updated pretty regularly or on a regular basis so some reason there’s an up de Bona here’s the weird thing about it so here it says vortex cloud gaming if you guys click on it oh wait what the heck okay I don’t know what the heck is going on earlier it didn’t have an update button on it it just says that there’s an update but there’s no update button it just says open but for some reason now it lets you update it I don’t know but yeah if you guys have the app already but you don’t know how to use it and it gives you an option on the Google Play Store to update the app and make sure you guys go ahead and update it right away and you know I just want to point this out as the eyes can see it says vortex cloud gaming on release and that is because you know the app is still in beta and even though it’s still in beta it works surprisingly.

Anyways what you guys are gonna do is you’re gonna click on open now for you guys to play for tonight I know that you guys were able to download the app for free however you need to pay for the subscription which is like $9.99 which is about 10 bucks every month now if you guys live in the Philippines for example I have some subscribers in the Philippines and 10 bucks cost like 500 pesos there and that’s like enough like money to feed yourself for lunch for like a whole month like if it costs that much money you guys just don’t have 10 bucks laying around even if you guys live in the United States if you guys do not have 10 bucks lying around I want to show you guys this cool app so since because I don’t have this app on my samsung galaxy s8 I’m gonna have to show you guys on my iPhone 10 if you guys do have 10 bucks lying around feel free to skip on the timestamp on the video right now but anyways so what you guys want to do is you’re gonna get this app called cash for apps now if you guys click on the link in the description down below.

how to download fortnite on pc
how to download fortnite

You guys will get free points which is a good head start anyways as you guys can see I have 6,000 and 17 points so what you guys want to do is you’re gonna go to the section here right so this is where the app so basically the way how this app works is a you download apps you played for 30 seconds and once you get a notification on your notification box saying hey you’ve opened the app for like 30 seconds feel free to go back to the app because you received your points once you received your points you will see its ad up on the top right corner here and when you have enough points what you guys can do is you can go to the rewards section here and as you guys can see you guys can purchase gift cards now just so that people will you know have faith that this is legit I’m not gonna be doing a giveaway I mean if you guys want me to you I can but if you guys just have bad feelings about giveaways because you never win use this method I recommend it you can actually get gift cards this is actually how I view my gift card gay boys because as you guys can see whatever I get points I can easily like you know give away a $25 itunes gift card code usually I give away the 15 dollar one or the 10 dollar one so yeah but anyways as you guys can see I have 6,000 seventeen points I can easily get the $10 Google Play gift card because it only costs 3000 and 300 points now again if you guys do have ten bucks lying around you don’t have to do this method now for the sake of the video because this is you know technically not a part of the video on how to play foreigner on your Android device I won’t show you guys a demo like me getting points and stuff like that but yeah if you guys want to get 10 bucks for free let’s say you live in the Philippines for example and by the way that’s a country somewhere in Asia.

how to download fortnite

You guys can look that up it’s like right above Australia if you guys are wondering you know if you guys do not have 10 bucks laying around and it’s just pretty expensive for you guys because again like I said earlier 500 pesos equals $10 and 500 pesos is like a month worth of school lunch in the Philippines maybe even two to three months in the Philippines and that’s a lot of money so if you guys live in Asian countries and you want to play for now on your Android device because you don’t have an Apple device and you don’t have $10 lying around use this app cash for apps first link will be in a description down below it will be the first link in the description so yeah that’s but let’s put that to the side so anyways let’s say you have ten bucks now so what you guys want to do is let’s say you don’t have fortnight down here if you guys want to do is you’re gonna go to over here let me focus my camera real quick go to the search bar I don’t know why my phone is on the landscape I wish it’s on portrait but yeah you guys want to look up an app called for night Battle Royale should be the first one to pop up now.

Once you guys look up for night battery yeah here there should be a button that says subscribe from what I remember it’s been like a few weeks since I signed up for a subscription now here’s the thing for those people who might say this is not worth it for 10 bucks now if you want to play for a night on your Android device and you don’t have a computer a gaming computer like me basically what happens is the people who works on vortex they have a facility have a big facility with a ton of gaming computers and what happens is they run for tonight or any type of PC game on one of their computers then it gets mirrored to your mobile device now here’s the thing let’s say you have a school computer like one of those Chromebooks or let’s say you’re using one of those school computers at school you know like at your library or at the computer lab if you want to play foreigner and by the way you cannot download any games like you can’t even download minecraft or fortnight’s on school computers what’s gonna happen is.

There’s a website for board for text and since it’s using Google Chrome which you can download on school computers you’re technically going to be able to play fortnight on your computer now that’s gonna be for a separate video if you guys want to learn how to play fortnight on school computers I still have to test it out I can’t make a video without testing it out first so next Wednesday I believe it is the last day of school for me but I have fifth period in the morning and that’s my photography class I go to two classrooms so one is in the you know your your regular classroom and the other one is in the computer lab I’m going to try it out you know play for a night on the school computer and once that happens I’m going to record a video if it does work but yeah so super super cool thing about text is not only can you play on a mobile device you guys can also play on a computer let’s say you know your your school computer has security stuff on it and the school basically doesn’t let you download and yeah what is it called I forgot the type of program I think it’s called dot M is C for PC programs I’m not really sure but you know since you can’t really download like some programs on your computer you know since vortex is a website thing you’re still going to be able to play 49 on your PC and stuff like that but again it’s gonna be for a separate video because um I haven’t tried it out first in today’s video is about for tonight on and yet I just wanted to you guys know that’s the cool part about fortnight’s or not for I know it’s a cool part about vortex because when you’re paying nine or you’re paying 10 bucks every month not only can you play on your mobile device you can also play on your computer.

Now you know like if I can’t play games on my computer like if I can do any of that stuff because my PC just can’t handle it I’ll obviously use vortex and play for not on my PC but that’s not the case because you know I’m lucky enough to be able to do that but anyways so yeah so once you guys do pay the subscription which is 10 bucks every month what you guys can do is as you guys can see there’s a button that says play game now if you guys want I recommend liking the game here where there’s a favorite button and also guys if you guys haven’t made a epic games account make sure you guys do so because you’re gonna be using a real epic games account on this because again this is a legit way to play fortnight’s on your Android device it’s not official but it’ll is it is legit because you are actually using the official board night not for night for Android.

But official fortnight like for PC and console like Xbox one or Playstation 4 and stuff like that so enough in the chitchat you know we’re gonna press on play here now the sad part about this is that you do have to wait until it’s returned so as you guys can see it says war tonight battery out waiting for machine sit tight your current place is in acute 17 so let’s say some people finally leave the game I the queue number here lowers every time someone leaves a fortnight Matt jory every time someone stops playing for a night on their mobile mobile device especially Android so as you guys can see someone just stop playing for night so I got lowered to 16 I think the longest you want every white is I would say 25 minutes .

You can start playing for tonight on your Android device but yeah so that’s basically it save you guys some time I’m not gonna you know sit here and wait for this thing to load until you know all the 16 people stop playing what I’m just gonna do is going to show you guys some gameplay of what it might look like again it’s not perfect but it’s still better than nothing and you know we don’t really know the official fortnight’s Android release date and that is why I haven’t uploaded any four night Android videos in a while because there’s not much to talk about and you know it’s getting pretty old you know it’s been the same thing over and over again and I try to update you guys with the important things like if there’s little important things like like for example there might be news coming at e3 or oh it’s actually going to come out this summer and it’s confirmed and it’s not gonna be canceled and it is gonna come out before the Nintendo switch gets its own version you know like if I get important information like that

How to download fortnite on pc / how to download fortnite on laptop

Download Fortnite for Pc/Laptop

how to download fortnite on pc
how to download fortnite

ello everybody today I’m going to be showing you how to download form it faster I hope the switch for you guys I don’t know if they’ll work for every one of you but I hope it does go right into it yeah here I can not get into for tonight at all so you’re gonna close out of that you see here go into this thing right here and then going to run press run then you’re gonna see that it says percentage AppData percentage take that in and then it goes here for me but like it won’t for you so just you should must be here if it does that for you you’re gonna have this on the up so tight press that then press on local press welco you’re gonna see epic games right here right there press on it.

Now you have two options don’t press in term a date d8 press saved it’s gonna take you here press conf igg then press on Windows then there’s gonna be engine ok so this is what you have to do so also if it’s read only if it’s on read on you take that off then you’re gonna be able to do everything so then press apply and then apply to okay now press ok go to engine then there’s this huge thing so you can see everything right here so I already have it in but what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna put these things this right here this stuff right there I’ll give you a second to type it in I’ll try putting it in the description maybe not so put that in put all of that in the highlighted stuff then you go to files up here you press on it then you press on save once you press save and exit I could just to you one make sure nothing else is running besides epic games.

Press on Epic Games now my epic games might not work cuz this is a brand new computer you know doesn’t really work that well but I’ve tried this on other computers I’ll work for you guys waiting room failure no response teams in the writing room this is the code for that so I’m gonna skip this kind of sign-in and for YouTube going to Epic Games you have to have the sign-in bar sign in sign in doesn’t work for you that will suck like it’s not working for me cuz I have no idea how to do this new computer I just how do you do it hopefully you guys succeed and I’ll show you the results if I get it so nice before it was point zero zero zero one goes out on the dash another one usually goes way up so yeah there is no all of that .

How to download fortnite on ps4

Download Fortnite for PS4

how to download fortnite on ps4
how to download fortnite

hey guys how you doing this is another episode of all web k gaming right now I’m going to show you how to the loud fortnight to look at this right now I have it and it’s downloading already so first of all what you need to go you need to go to PlayStation Store right PlayStation Store right here you press ok we’re going right it’s pretty easy it’s just the recently to be difficult because it has something that you might think that you cannot download it but you really can’t download it alright so now go to search right really pretty easy easy the first thing you have to do is this so go search now you cannot write for nine or nine see I already have it so this is the one that I want so I’m going to clink right you see that it doesn’t allow you to download right you cannot unload it through here so you gotta go here this is where you have to go this is the game page go there pretty easy right after you go there it’s gonna tell you this right now it’s several it’s gonna show you the option to download the game it does not show me because I already have the game see right here somewhere here it’s going to show you to get the game and that’s it after you download the game it’s going to tell you that the game will go to the downloads so after that you go back right you get out of there you see easier way click here click the press PlayStation button I’m gonna show you you know right here and after this you gonna see this is our now here so after you see this you’re gonna click on even I click X here gonna click X in here that means it’s gonna take you here right and then it’s gonna ask you a couple of things and just download it that’s it easy you see kids


How to download fortnite on MAC

Download Fortnite for MAC

today I’m actually gonna download for tonight I’m gonna be showing you how you could download Fortnight on your Mac OS computer it’s pretty simple one of the requirements actually is having high Syria a Mac OS hi Syria if you don’t have that go ahead and go to the App Store and go ahead and download it let’s go ahead and get to the tutorial so we’re just gonna go in to Google Chrome we’re gonna go to Epic Games calm and here you could actually find a download for Windows but we’re obviously Mac.

So we’re gonna go ahead and download Mac okay so it has finished downloading there we’re gonna go ahead and open it in our downloads alright so just go ahead and drag the Epic Games launcher to your Applications folder open the Applications folder and go ahead and click Epic Games launcher alright so it’s downloading installing update verifying update there we go it is signing me in it does that automatically I don’t know why we’re gonna go ahead and click install choose the location or your language choose a location that you want it to be and we’re gonna have to wait I’ll see you in a little bit when it’s almost done alright there we go let’s go ahead and launch the game and I’ll give you guys a preview of this my name is Liz Kills if you want to add me let’s go ahead and play I mentioned that I suck at this game I started playing like two days ago so please do not judge me if you want to go ahead this game makes me so nervous like really nervous especially because y’all.

Now it’s I get more nervous now because I suck let’s see that’s Susy let’s go to fatal fields I’ll probably die there too it’s fatal I won’t go to fate of fields I know I could be such a wuss sometimes oh there’s a gun here let’s kill some people it’s a gun too oh yes I’m definitely gonna need that some ammo some shotguns okay let’s go in the house let’s go die what oops oops I was my bad  whatever I’ll switch that when I have time okay where’s everybody at are people hiding I think I saw somebody no oh yeah I did I did see somebody breath and she has that oh I see somebody oh oh I’m such it was my other side where is this person shit he’s gonna spot me probably already did oh well oh damn it I should whatever okay well that’s all I have for you guys this game is very crazy and it’s fun and all but anyways that is the video for today that is how you get for a night on your Mac computer like I have it anyways but yeah let’s talk about more about the giveaway and stuff like that I’m serious about it subscribe and comment below and you’ll be entered in the giveaway right away and ten lucky winners will win and I’ll just do a random selection of gift cards or if you want a specific gift card just remember to comment the gift card that you want and yeah and that’s about it obviously go boys will become more better over time and I hope you like this video make sure to LIKE and subscribe and I’ll see you guys the next one piece  

How to download fortnite on android

Download Fortnite on Android/Mobile/Android Phone

now you may be wondering how do you actually get four-night on your phone because again not all phones have Google Play stores and/or app stores  yeah what’s going on guys it is a boy soldier back in again with a brand new video and today we have some amazing news now fortnight mobile I don’t know if you guys have ever played this. Also Check Pubg Highly compressed 2mb.

how to download fortnite

it’s actually kind of no not to many of my friends actually had it because why not play for a night on your you know PC ps4 Xbox one whatever it may be when I mean gameplay literally look like this now no no I’m not hating on fortnight mobile I’m just saying I’d much rather play with a controller if I had the opportunity to a fortnight Mobile is very accessible convenient and helpful for the day-to-day player mainly because you could check the item shop and see what skins were out for that day but besides that you know I didn’t find too many uses with it before this video starts guys if you could all make sure to subscribe and drop a like on the article I’m currently hosting a V box and looking who’s most active on the so yes just make sure to be active follow my socials and you don’t even have to worry about the rest yes guys as you can see here we go we have the first thing I want to say all this credit goes to F and B are leaks on Twitter he literally has plugged it got into the dev files and got information.

None of us can even get our hands on now yes you heard were tonight Mobile will now be accessible to anyone and everyone they are literally putting it on every device on this planet I guess that’s just how businesses with money work they put themselves literally everywhere such as coca-cola Mickey D’s and now fortnight I mean it’s safe to say fortnight’s basically made itself the McDonald’s of video games it’s funny to say that man like I bet kids in Taiwan are cracking open a coke and playing fortnight and here you can see I am just gonna screen record at this point I’m on because I literally I don’t even want to save all these pictures of my computer it’s on so many devices and the phone requirements are gonna be a 64 bit Android 5.0 or higher three gigabytes of RAM Adreno 530 or higher malli 6 not ok that’s just some random numbers and yeah so basically here are some supported phones for fortnight Android I can do that.

It’s supported on so many devices like I haven’t even heard of these things I mean first of all you got all the Samsung galaxys you got that a5 the a7 that’s a j7 and no date the on 7 2016 2 s7 s a s9 it just goes on and on and then go away you never even heard of Huey I don’t know maybe it’s out of the country or something but the hue a mate 10 the hue a mate 10 lion T 10 p 9 p 9 light p8 Lite you got fortnight mobile on the Motorola’s Moto e4 plus the Moto G 5 g 5 plus the Moto G 5s in the Moto oh and you can’t forget the LG phones you got that LG 6g my buy the g6 and you got the LG v30 end of LG v30 + oh but wait there’s more you cannot forget the Sony phones you got the sony xperia xa1 you got the sony xperia xa1 ultra you got the sony xperia x a1 plus you’ve got the sony xperia XZ you got the sony xperia xzs and you got the sony xperia x DS oh and you got the sony xperia x z1 google pixel – nokia 6 and the razor phone as you can see for night is not fucking around anymore we own some big-budget productions at this point now you may be wondering how do you actually get four night on your phone because again not all phones have Google Play stores and/or app stores basically what fortnight’s doing is something completely new that we’ve never actually seen before because it is a free game and it’s such a big game that you know tons of people are gonna be buying it or downloading it they want to avoid the Google Play Store fee of 30% and through a series of web pages you will actually download epic games launcher on your phone that’s pretty wild I don’t think I’ve ever seen any game do anything like this and I honestly can’t wait this is actually one of the craziest topics right now because nobody knows how it’s gonna be like implicated on every phone.

Because you know every phone’s different and they solved it they made their game worldwide on every mobile device by making it accessible through a web browser and launching the game on your phone but yes guys there you go 4:9 is now gonna be available to everyone I remember when the mobile first came out on iOS you had to get the you had to get the mobile keys and it was really hard like they weren’t too easy to get but now I think they’re just gonna make it so for tonight everyone could play and of course when everyone’s able to play a game every we’ll play a game and who doesn’t want to download a free to play game on their iOS so I can see for nine mobile helping a lot of people and just making fortnight more convenient the real only reason I like for nine mobile is because I can play it in class like yeah I’m not even lying yes guys let me know what you think of that down in the comments below again sorry for everyone I do like weekly challenge guides for the challenges and last week.

Kind of messed up man like I was sloppy I didn’t even know it was gonna be like that personally I just go off with the Forbes list like Forbes literally post the challenges early and a half at the time they’re fucking wrong so like I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about that I don’t know what half these other YouTubers that do the same shit do about that like I don’t know man you win some you lose some trying to be the first one but anyways guys thank you so much for watching this video I really hope you did enjoy make sure to drop a like if you did comment down below what sure you are on season 5 or tonight battle royale merch League in the description hope you guys have a fantastic rest that has been it peace out soldier up and salute  

How to download fortnite on Xbox one

Download Fortnite for Xbox

how to download fortnite

hey guys onto this article unload a really cool game so let’s just get right down to it now there’s many ways to get to there one way would be if you guys see this already amazing deals you guys will see that there however let’s just go right into our store so you guys go all the way here store and then just scroll down you guys might even see it on the fourth option but some of you might not like me right now I don’t see that option so just going to search and we’re gonna take in for it that’s all see you guys type in for it we’re gonna see what we want okay and then just go right into search alright and we’re gonna see your first option that’s the free one all right so that’s what we’re gonna be looking for in this video of course you guys can download the other paid ones go ahead here’s your chance to do it however what we want is the free one so let’s just tap a and then get again this is free you guys don’t have to pay anything and most of your friends yeah is the one that they’re downloading so that’s it from this video this is how you download it this is how you guys can get started playing it you guys can actually is this download it’s actually pretty fast so you guys will be pretty lucky with this game actually some of them as you know they take forever to download and this one of those games that don’t take that much space on your hard drive right and then to load up anyways if you guys have any comments questions you guys can write them down here below in the comments area and rate thank you.

How long does it take to download fortnite

If you ask how long does it take to download fortnite then, i will say its all about your internet speed.

How to download fortnite on ps3

I’ll show you an awesome trick on how to get fortnight on your Playstation 3 it’s a really simple trick that I found on the internet and it grants you access to fortnight really fast and you’ll be able to play it here’s the website fortnight ps3 dot live again that fortnight ps3 is not live here you want to enter your email address and then choose the Edition Standard Edition enable safe mode on and then click connect as you can see guys it’s connecting ok and now what you want to do is to choose from these codes any one of them and click generate one of these codes will will be used to download fortnight on ps3 it looks like we have to verify that we are human so we can prevent BOTS from spamming the generator will choose from two apps.

I’ll choose this one and you have to download and open them for at least 30 seconds this is to get the full full generator key which will grant you access to p4 tonight on ps3 it will be emailed only after downloading to these two apps and opening them for 30 seconds or more okay we’ve done the first step now let’s go to the second up let’s open it allow  okay guys for 30 seconds and and if you’ve done everything correctly for tonight we’ll be downloading on your ps3 as a tip you should restart your console before everything takes effect and verify again if not maybe you will need to download one more app just to make sure and then for tonight will be downloaded on your Playstation 3 okay guys this is my quick trick on how to get fortnight on ps3 piece.

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