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Download Mobile Legends Hack Apk interfaces tabs fragments players shop heroes preparation everything you guys should know about the game. so we are going to work through all the different tabs we have here and the first thing we will have a look on is the friends so pretty much all your friends you will have are going to be shown here in this small area

you can go for adding friends either you can click on this on this little button here that will bring you to the same interface you can click on this one here and you have all your friends here.

Firstly you have some information you will get some emails or messages of the actual game in some advertisements and over there you can add your Facebook friends if you have some I’m not connected with Facebook yet but if you would wish to do that you can just click on my Facebook down below the next thing

you can check is your game friends so here you have all your friends they all see you can see who’s online who’s not online when he was last time online, for example, we have one guy here Peter Gore he was online two minutes ago then you have the application list where you actually see people who would like to add you Mobile Legends Hack.

Mobile legends mod apk 2019 latest version v1.3.96.4251

Example this guy here who is a lead one would like to accept that would like to be fine with me I’m always accepting everyone and you have your black list here I have involved anyone yet and over that you have the different Facebook groups are not in a single one yet but if you are for example from the Philippines and you would like to be in the Philippines group you can do that so in the center of the actual interface you can find the given game mode the first one the normal games is this matchup mode then you have the ranked games I’m currently grant master 5

which is equal Platinum if you play the Guv legends and the last one is bro more which is pretty much well I’m a single lane where everyone just goes into the middle and just fights against the other ones this is similar to armed and yeah that’s about the game modes so on the right side you will find the shop option in the shop you have some recommended items they pretty much items which are on this count right now you can either buy them with game points as you can see here or you can go and buy them with diamonds.

Diamonds are the currency you can buy it with only in real life money so if you what if you would like to donate to the game you can go and buy diamonds and the other currency are those game points which is pretty much game point you can get by finishing achievements or just playing games and yeah for each game you would receive some of them so yeah that I recommend the tab is this one here then you have mobile legends Hack

Download Mobile Legends Hack Apk

mobile legends hack;

 the heroes tab where you can find all the different classifications you can find tank you can click on that then you have all your tanks then you can go on fighters you have all your fighters assassins majors marksmen and supporters so you can either buy the champions with the in-game points you will receive from each game or you can just go and donate for diamonds and then you can buy them with diamonds

yet so there are different classes of players as I’ve said there are someplace where more expensive than other ones and yeah you can decide that if you would like to buy them on all so the next part is the skins one this is pretty much some upgrade of your champion.

I’m quite sure that every skin gives you some additional bonus, for example, I’ve bought the skin for at least I’m not sure what it’s called but I have plus eight magic attack so it pretty much gives me a small bonus and I have that very interesting and nice although you gotta have that one I own at least spirit woman and yeah you can click on it then you will see what you can get over there and I’m quite sure

that you get additional experience for it but yeah if you would like to see how they look in-game you can just click on this one and just browse the wrong this is quite cool, to be honest with a football I really like them so yeah skins just viable with diamonds or fragments which I’ll show you in a second they’re your fragments is pretty much some that’s like a third currency you can collect that by finishing your achievements you can get it from chests pretty much an ass-full Mobile Legends Hack.

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I think if you do some daily talks you get off the actual game you can get some of them but if you collect some fragments you will see that you have the option between buying some skins with them they cost 50, for example, this bill more primal fury or ADT grill skin I have right now 27 but if you manage to collect 50 or 65 you can

just go and buy them and you don’t need to spend money on the game by buying diamonds which is the normal way to go and buy skins so the last tab is some sales you can find here you pretty much some items you can use some double xp here some large form pack some small horns and etc so yeah that’s about the shop then we will have a look into our heroes we already said that you can find here the ears you actually own and which argue which you can use for some games

that are free and let’s get into the preparation this is quite important so in this tab you have your masteries so or emblems you can call and that’s totally fine so you have different emblem sets, for example, you have your physical damage and one set your magic emblem set your tank and I’m set to jungle one and so on so if two men you will probably focus on are the physical emblem set I wanna play right now the physical emblem said holy shit add the magic and them set so I’m for my main is like a major.

Download Mobile Legends Hack Apk

mobile legends hack;


So I’m obviously going to max out this one as you can see my magic and left hand is level 19 right now and you can level that up if you guys have some of the fragments you need so right now I don’t have any fragments as you can see I could upgrade this one so you can you can receive emblems

Mobile legends ios hack

I mean fragments by opening the chests you can get either way let me show you the chest real fast those two chests here on the left side the metal chest on the free chest the free chest is quite is quite often you can open that every two or two thing the metal chest is once per day and that is really really good actually you get a lot of metal fragments for that and yeah so if you if you manage to collect let’s say

I have here 26 out of 40 but you have this magic duster the purple one which you can use for anyMobile legends Hack   of the different emblems then you can go and level it up I’m not doubling up the I’m not going to double anything on my I’m just waiting to collect 190 many elements as you can see there I’ve right now 21 and then you can go and level it out all my goodness this is a real spam so yeah

that’s about d the emblems you have and if you guys prefer to have a very strong melee champion pool and just go level your physical mm set as much as possible or your tank if your prefer to play tanks so about the abilities you have some different summoner spells or you can call them abilities and I really like Lee execute that some additional damage then you have retribution.

Which is something like a smite you can use that on general creeps or just minions anything like 600 damage on that then you have fury which is pretty much you slowing the enemy opponent and as well you’re decreasing their you’re increasing attack speed by 50% and attack for 50% then you have a soul which pretty much you get 42% movement speed this is really good if you have a very mobile

champion healing spell is pretty much a heal then you have the inter friends which is your Silex in turrets for 8 seconds it’s nice if you want to go for a tall base or anything and or a push because you’re the defense getting decrease the strong then you have a stun which is quite good actually I’ve never tried it on but it definitely should this is pretty much a stun which is stunning that’s all surrounding enemies for a half-second it’s really good purifying I’d never use that either this removes all negative effects. Mobile Legends Hack 

Granting immunity from disabilities for 2 seconds a disables for 2 seconds and then you have your weekend I haven’t even unlocked that one and this one is probably the best one flicker this is something like a flash you can just try to escape something and you can just teleport yourself to a different place this is really good actually so gear-wise you can go for you every champion here and you can do your

individual items said you have a recommended one then you can change the items in there for example you don’t want this one you can go and just get another one and you can use the low set in-game so you don’t actually have to search for items you can just buy one buy one and this is really good actually I will definitely comment you go and make an individual item set for each champion that you play and that is going to help you a lot in-game so you don’t waste too much time to get your items done that to get your item builds ready.

Download Mobile Legends Hack Apk

mobile legends hack;

Those are the most important parts of the main interface then we have two more options here at the top which is pretty much your overall ranking I read no 894 with a level 14 and you have your different achievements here where you can collect in-game currency sec here c’mon man c’mon this is a joke

and yeah by achieving them you guys will receive in-game currency that isn’t that is very very interesting and I’m very helpful and this guy should let me stop spamming me so yeah as you can see you have I’ve collected I got this this is very very nice but yeah so you can go and try to finish those achievements I have pretty treatment you have five different levels and you can get review will get rewards

as you can see there on the right on the left side either any end points and this will be the levels like for example you get the bauxite made those levels here you need them to operate that one if you get a level up of example if I get to level 15 now I Mobile legends Hack will get five hundreds Emily fragmented 500

magic emblems which is really really awesome and definitely that so I can level up my image analyst for like two levels which is really nice and then you can see what you have achieved yet you can try to work on that and in the next part you have your moment your rank game which is probably the most competitive one you can go here rank games and then you have on your server you do right my right, for example, is 47 right not my.

Use the best one with blimey 3 epic 3 and yeah season you can see this season time when it’s going to end in 34 days and this is not worldwide I thought in this stuff that I’m very very pro because I got like 2 days into the top hundred now this just was your server there are a lot of people actually better than you on this

pretty much your so where you are engaged and as you can see that my rank is right now 47 which is really good actually because they are a lot of people have an achieved Grandmaster young well mobile legends Hack yeah guys that’s it about the leaderboards role you can have the option between your front you can see who are your best friends and your rank all your friends this is very nice actually and yeah this is the most important stuff I want to tell you the most important things you need to know and if you have any questions guys don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.


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