IObit Driver Booster Pro for Windows With License Keys 2019

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Free driver software for Windows PC or laptop

Now really quick a driver program allows you to install software for actual hardware devices so anything that’s plugged in via a USB port to the computer, for instance, a printer a scanner even a mouse or a keyboard to anything has actually built into the computer a CPU a video card a sound card all that good stuff I use this primarily.

When I am installing a new operating system so I installed Windows 7 on a lot of computers and I have to get a lot of drivers so instead of going through Google you know one at a time looking for all of them I get one program and one program allows me to install these drivers allowing all the hardware to work appropriately so the first one we’re going to look at is a driver booster and both the programs are going to show you are completely free they do have perks about when you do buy . driver booster.

When you do upgrade but the free ones are perfectly fine so here driver booster here’s the website up here also put a link in the description click free download it’s going to forward you to download calm and obviously from there just click download now and let it install after it’s finished downloading once driver booster is finished downloading you’re going to open it up you’re going to click scan and it’s going to go through the process here and to even give you one very specific example say you just bought a printer and we’ve had a printer for a couple of years you plug it into your machine via USB port and the printer doesn’t work so you can either you know go to Google and search for the driver specifically.

Iobit driver booster pro

You can just download a program like this driver booster and it would come up over here on the left you would click update and then it will update the software and then also install it as well so these are actually ones that I’ve chosen not to update I’ve updated everything else but I would I would definitely recommend updating as many as possible and especially if you see process extremely old if they say it’s missing definitely install it now real quick I’m going to show you at the Start menu if you go to start and then sperg on the newer versions of the windows type in device and then go to device manager and now this is a list of everything anything that’s hardware that’s connected to your computer. driver booster

So anything from hard drives the your video card cd-rom drives mice keyboards Network you know Wi-Fi adapters processors sound cards all that good stuff and these things duty to be updated every once in a while so and especially if they’re missing so if you have this if you open up device manager you see anything that is already expanded and has a question mark on it or something like that you definitely want to do a scan with driver booster or driver easy which is the second one I’ll show you so in driver booster we did this scan it shows us that these drivers are old and it also shows us when the last update was available for these drivers so are your for these hardware for the hardware that’s connected so so I have so this is a video card and I can choose to update that and I can also choose to rollback you know to the previous update that soundcard head I can uninstall off from here and all that good stuff .

Iobit driver booster 6.4 license key

IObit Driver Booster Pro for Windows With License Keys 2019

So if I were to choose it to choose a device I would say ok so this is my video card right here Nvidia GeForce GT 610 that’s my video card now I know personally that my video card is working fine but if I did want to I would just click update so actually do it for this from my PCI bridge I click update I don’t do activate now I just do continued update with driver booster you get an unlimited bandwidth so you could download that the fastest speed possible so there’s no there’s no limit there’s no throttle to your speed and then it will actually install and when it’s finished the other thing that’s cool about this is that you can actually download all of your outdated drivers at the same time with driver booster which is fantastic.

So I’m just waiting for that to stop so it’ll be an option here that says download and then you can actually download every single driver that is either missing or old directly and driver booster and you don’t need to pay for it so that’s the one that’s why I do prefer driver booster over driver easy but I’ll just I’m going to get into why I’m showing you both so that’s pretty much what you need to know about driver booster there’s nothing crazy you need to do or anything like that it does have some extra features like an error checker and that kind of stuff but they’re primarily used to download drivers that are older that are missing and so after that here’s their second program and our second program is driver easy very simple driver easy calm download now.

Iobit driver booster 6.4 pro serial key

Same thing it should take you to yeah download com click download now and then install it and that’ll take us effort uninstalling you’ll be prompted with the screen driver easy again now it’ll do the same thing that driver booster did now the biggest difference between driver booster and driver easy there’s there’s two big things so one good one but the one downside of driver easy is that you have a limited speed on what you can download you can only download one item at a time and your speed is throttled to around 30 to 40 kilobytes a second so you see a 1.8 megabyte file is taking a little bit of time which should have been done in like 2 seconds so that’s the only thing but the upside the driver easy is that it is has a much more thorough scan I’ve seen drivers missing.

After I’ve updated every single driver with driver booster in the past I saw that I would still have one or two drivers that needed that we’re still missing or that needed updating and so what I recommend to save time is using driver booster first updating everything and then using driver easy second and then see what’s left because after yes after driver booster is done you want to see what’s led if anything comes up and driver easy if nothing comes up in it that’s fantastic so but they both said the same thing that needn’t update for my video card right here and I might do that later but if you see if I had update right now you’ll see that this file is going to take a while to download whereas if I did it in driver booster it would be done you know hopefully in a minute so and that’s just how they can get you to pay for the upgrade.

IObit Driver Booster Pro for Windows With License Keys 2019

There are a couple of other extra features in here and which you can even look at hardware info so it’s a little bit more specific info than what Windows has to offer for you so it shows you the exact model of the PC or laptop that you’re using and it shows you the CPU shows you the cache shows you the motherboard shows you your memory and then also your graphics card as well so that’s pretty I mean it has a lot of cool extra features on it which is nice and you can also do some other things that driver booster has as well restore backup install all that fun stuff so but like I said what I would do is install a driver booster first update everything in there and then install a driver easy.

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