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App Name: PicSay professional – image Editor

Version: one.8.0.5

Description :

Spice up {the pictures|the imagegraphs|the images} on your phone with this award-winning photo editor!

Stickers for the day included!

Sharpen, take away red-eye, crop & straighten, distort, insert cutouts of different footage, paint, create color splash out of black-and-white footage, add text, word balloons, apply effects like Cross method, Lomo, Vignette, faux HDR, Tilt-shift, Pencil Sketch, and far a lot of.

Supports high-resolution redaction up to 13MP for devices which will handle it.

How to Use Picsay Pro Apk

picsay a pro on Android. there’s two versions of this . there’s a paid version I started out with the free version a few years back liked it a lot decided to purchase the pay version so here you see I chose a picture and all of the filters and whatnot are right down here below.

It’s a very simple layout very simple concept if go to adjust obviously you can adjust exposure contrast saturation temperature tint brightness RGB you can sharpen it make it a little bit smoother blur it boost the picture fix redeye if you have any redeye issues I think there fix redeye is really easy to use as well you just zoom in on your eye you put that little circle thing right there to.

Wherever the red is we’ll go ahead and remove any red that you have in your eye boost we’ll just go ahead and boost the photo brighten it up a little bit adjust the contrast and then, of course, you have the transform picture options and the miscellaneous if you go to effect this is where it gets really fun you have the paint options you can insert other pictures within the picture you could pop colors you can do a different distortion filters here like for example sphere eyes.

I just want to go ahead and make someone look funny or what’s really funny with this is if you want to make your muscles look bigger, for example, you can just go ahead and put that there and basically Photoshop the picture as you please that’s really corny to do guys if you are doing that it’s really you know not something I would suggest but hey you never know.

I mean people Photoshop their pictures to death so you got distortion pictures you got color adjustments you can the hue colorize grayscale there’s duotone option obviously there’s a rainbow option and then there are artistic features such as pop art so basically what pop art does it gives you four off grids right there of your picture neon.

The photo effects which is kind of like cross processing Lomo which is almost HDR esque in a way and of course you get greedy fading color film grain by HD are you got filters and frames so I can put you know an instant frame and rounded corners solid borders matte etc miscellaneous such as history painting had no history they’re masked effects.

Mentahan Picsay Pro

It basically mass and you can go ahead and paint over that so quite a few features here with the effects they’re stickers I can add a little sticker here or word balloon you know ABC hey let’s just go ahead and put that there see how that works all right so there are stickers there are little eyes that I could put you know how these that’s not gonna work.

You see you see how it works, of course, there are all sorts of different things emoticons celebrations prints and stamps comics etc and then, of course, you can export it save it to your album which is very easy to do just click right there okay it’s saved alright and then I can do other things such as share it directly from the app which is really cool so pic say a pro guys, in my opinion, is the top photo editing app for Android in my opinion I know there’s a lot of people who may disagree with that but in my opinion it’s the easiest to use.

It’s got the best interface it’s pretty much right when you open it tells you get a picture take a picture etc and you’re pretty much ready to edit now with iOS what you have here is you have photo gene well it’s actually I think photo gene to the second power or something of that nature now photo gene is awesome because it just has a ton of filters. it’s got a crapload of features.

The thing is it’s a little more complex to use than say pic say a pro here on Android but with the amount of features that this has such as the retouches and the other presets and whatnot it’s really a great app for anyone looking to actually do fairly advanced editing I’m not advanced for a smartphone basically is what I’m trying to say so you got a lot of presets you can adjust you know the clarity you can adjust the brightness oops it’s the control center you got other presets.

You got retouches you can rotate the picture obviously so you can see there are all sorts of different filters here and all sorts of different effects you could put in text obviously if I want to put a text bubble let’s just go ahead and slide it in there tap the Edit type in whatever I want and I’m done exit out of here okay all right you also have enhancement features see pidgin that enhances it in density you got blur radius blur strength all sorts of features on this on this app guys photo gene it’s a pay app.

I believe I don’t know if there’s a free version you guys would have to look into that but this again is a very advanced solid editor for a phone I mean who would have thought that at this point we would have editing apps such as this so that’s my app of the day for the iPhone or for iOS whether it be an iPad which it might actually work better than an iPad and another app I just want to throw out there that’s free is brightness level ok brightness level free in the App Store I believe there’s a hidden gem not a lot of people know about it but it doesn’t require a widget like for example a lot of brightness apps require that you put a widget on your home screen with this there is a widget.

So if I go to widgets here you can see there’s a brightness level widget I could just put that right here is going to ask me if I want to label just push ok it tells you the amount that it tells you the brightness percentage that you’re at right there within the widget, ok I’m I could just adjust that back to 100 but you necessarily don’t even need the widget you could just have the app like if I go into my apps here and I go to brightness level I put it there I don’t even need the widget to see how that works right there so brightness level.

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