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Metroid Prime Trilogy 1080p HD on Dolphin Emu- Tutorial

You can play the Metroid Prime trilogy games in HD using the dolphin emulator on your PC. Just follow my steps and instructions and be able to play the game at a hundred percent emulation speed with that performance drawers. So let’s hit start first off you’re gonna need the latest version of the dolphin emulator which is four-point zero six nine three zero and also a copy of the Metroid Prime trilogy game you want to go up into your config and make sure in the general tab you have dual-core and idle skipping enable.

If you want to use cheats with your games tick mark this option right here when it comes to the frame limit make sure you set it at 64 using an NTSC game and set it to 54 if you using a pal game and if you use a podium like I do and also using a not very powerful PC set your frame level to 55 the five additional FPS that are given right here helps to compensate any performance drops that right back over any area or two so you don’t even feel it the emulation definitely is fractionally faster but I think it kind of makes the game a little more exciting going on to the interface I haven’t changed any options right here other than bubble.



The theme which is absolute nonsense you don’t really have to change that Oh more want the audio this is really important right here make sure your emulator engine is on DSP education fast and on your back-end said to open the air and not exile your to what is left open al and it Dolby Pro Logic – Nicole it’s really good sound set latency in right here – anything or any even number greater than 4 7 10 if you wanna play Metroid prime corruption this helps to reduce any kind of audio crackling in the games moving on to the graphic settings make sure your video back-end is said a direct reading and not OpenGL I know Mario Kart uses OpenGL but it’s for Metroid.

It means direct3d make sure graphics adapter uses the dedicated graphics adapter not the integrated one full-screen resolution set 1080p or whatever your monitor supports is the highest resolution make sure you have sync and fullscreen enable set your aspect ratio 16 is 2 9 putting a job   move on to the enhancements set your internal resolution to Auto which is 1080p as per the full screen resolution and set lysing to none and of course you can also set it to 3x native if you wish to do 1080p and if you were seeing before came to undergo ahead bump it up to full-day that’s 6 X native.

You should also have the graphic garlic and supported for King City anisotropic filtering 216 make sure you have Skelly if we copy for section filtering and widescreen agony they really look beautiful now scale DFB copies does create small minor issues in the bloom FX and Metroid prime corruption but you hardly notice it because trust me Holly knows it because the rest of it just looks so goddamn beautiful now going on to the ax I haven’t checked any options right here so you really don’t need them unless you have a really slow CPU or GPU so I’m not using either one of them since they really destroy your graphics settings. [the_ad id=”396″]

The visuals so yeah if you want to make your game look bad to go ahead and use hacks if you want to make it look beautiful I advise don’t drill use hacks other than just this three option three go to advanced and you’ll see that I haven’t checked any of these options you don’t need anything then just stumping textures whatever does my degree is little bit on your CPU you don’t want that so that is what the graphic settings moving onto the controllers settings now for all those who play Metroid with a mouse and who want to play Metroid with keyboard and mouse go ahead and follow up these settings these by far.

Perhaps from the most convenient set of set controls that are used for metro you can customise it less for your own convenience that room doesn’t matter too much here what I do recommend is configuring your nunchuck settings as with this because as you can see here the four backward hold back and Shake buttons are all set to the z+ upset – the surplus refers to the mouse wheel the scroll wheel for and that word refers to house we’re going back or down so the shape options you might wanna right-click this and detective say detective and the select detective the date that’s it and make sure it will detect access and plus and minus when you select the Scrolls it’s kind of hard getting used to it but yeah so when using shake for egging a X access make sure you have it to set plus and then press and come set.

The very same process for all three axes press apply and close and as you can see all three of them have the same options forward is obviously mouse wheel forward backward is all the stables will that work and this and the reason why I’m recommending you with these settings is because of Metroid Prime corruption they actually need to pull the lunch up toward zero using travel lasso so you’ll be able to use the grapple a so we just scrolling your mouse Union and it’s really fun you will enjoy this experience press ok close this and right-click on your game and go to properties and make sure you have your options displayed like this – cool I will skipping this transfer rate and DSP actually emulations should be with a tick mark others can be with a black dot every wanna enable cheats to go into gecko or AR codes that are four configurations in the dolphin settings moving on to slightly advanced stuff.

If you’re using a laptop CPU like I do you will notice that when you’re when your laptop powers up the GPU it disables the turbo-boost options solver CBO says 2.5 gigahertz with turbo boost up to 3.5 gigahertz don’t expect your CPU to run at three points five of the Hertz when playing the game it would run at 2.5 gigahertz which will cause the game to lag so if you want to keep the game running at 3.5 gigahertz download a software called throttle stop 7.0 or 6.0 both will do the tunnel stop what this does is that it disables that feature where your CPUs goes back to its stock settings so what you want to do right here is click on set multiplier and set it to your maximum turbo clock.

My case which is 35 T 35 refuge to 3,500 it fits if your turbos up to 3200 3232 T you can’t really exceed it beyond that you’ll see make sure chipset Club quad is enabled and set at 100% next you want to make sure your temperature run turbo ratio limits are all set at 35 or your maximum turbo speed if you want again overclock it just a little add what’s not harmful at all but I really don’t need it anything about three gigahertz should be fine and lastly I want to go ahead and press turn on and then click Save once you’ve done this you’ll notice that your CPU will go up to this maximum clock speed in my case again which is 3.5 gigahertz and you can see it’s really running pretty close to 3.5 gigahertz now for aspirin temperatures.

Metroid prime iso

I suggest using a laptop cooling pad while using the emulator or throttled stop since it does tend to make the CPU a little hot 84 86 degrees acceptable but still quite hot oh and in case you want to use this thing this one I’ll start with any other software such as a Halo game such as GTA 5 overture 3 don’t even think about it if you want to use it make sure you have disabled turbo and able do not a conventional PC games on turbo boost I repeat again do not play rental PC games like GTA v and witcher 3 on turbo boost well that’s it and you’re all set to watch dolphin emulator you should be able to play Metroid at a very good framerate without any performance issue.

Metroid Prime Practice Mod – How To Install

Sometimes on the prime speedrunning discord, I see the question asked hey I’m running into trouble installing the prime practice mode for prime wine I’m trying to get better at it or hey like how do I install this I’m not sure how exactly it works is it hard and the question or the answer excuse me is no it’s actually really easy to do.

How to do it just in case you are not sure what step you’re supposed to take so to start with you need a prime 1.0 copy so you need to either rip it from your disk or get through some other means I’m not going to show you where I’m not allowed to do it goes against YouTube’s Terms of Service pretty much any websites Terms of Service it’s borderline you know gray area in terms of legality so I’m not gonna risk it just get yourself a copy of the NTSC or you know North American or USA.

Metroid prime iso Gamecube

You know 1.00 or in mines called zero-zero it’s what’s printed on the disc get yourself a 1.0 copy of the North American version of Metroid Prime right so the 1.0 like Europe also called pal and japan the Japanese versions are different they will not work here so you need this version here that’s the only real prerequisite here to get started open up your browser go to practice Metroid prime run so against practice stop Metroid prime dot run I’ll link it in the description to you’re gonna see this file index here of all these different versions of the prime practice mod.

So the latest version will be here on the bottom right now as of the time of this video it’s version 1.2 point five so let’s go ahead and click it to download it and then I’m gonna go ahead and open up or extract this file so it’s just your regular zip file you can use whatever software you have the built-in wanted windows or if you have WinZip or i use 7-zip actually prefer using 7-zip.

I don’t know why anyone would have one zip in 2019 but okay so got to go ahead and unzip that file so you got this folder here Prime practice one point two point five next step is to rename your Prime ISO so you’re not going to see this dot ISO file at the end unless you’ve set that in the folder options and windows so if you don’t if you do not see this dot iso file or this dot iso extension don’t worry it’s just your setting in Windows it’s there and like internally and then my press like f2 like it’s not even highlighting the dot I so part so whatever your prime ISO is named just change it to prime just Prime so for me it’ll just say prime dot ISO.

Metroid prime rom

Because again I have you know this file extension showing by default yours will likely just say Prime that is perfect you want it to just say Prime so go ahead and click and drag it into the folder that you just extracted and then go ahead and open that folder up so you got all these files here you got the Prime file that you just put in here and then I’m pretty sure most of you are gonna be using Windows so go ahead and double click patch bat let’s go ahead and it’s gonna start running this extraction process so it’s gonna extract the game apply its patches and then it’s going to basically make a new ISO file out of what you provided so it won’t actually overwrite the vanilla prime ISO that you supplied for the program. [the_ad id=”396″]

But it does it all for you just got a double-click that dot bat the was it patch bet and it’ll just do all its magic so if you don’t see this exact process running where it’s extracting  your ISO file with all these you know different files in it it could be something like you know your the versions wrong or maybe your ISO files corrupts feel free to ask me or puta jour or even just ask around for anyone in the prime speedrun discord I’ll link the invite link to that there in case you need to go there for assistance but it’s all done and then you’ll see here it created a new ISO with all the practice patches installed on it.

So it’s called prime practice mod and you’re good to go so it’s you can you know easily just put this in a dolphin or Nintendo or whatever USB loader SD card loader you want it’s ready to go all you have to do is just boot it up in your emulator loader of choice so go ahead have fun get better at the game and again if you have any questions feel free to ask me any anyone in like the prime hacking community like puta j– Haruki etc arm or even just any other speedrunner that’s on you know in the prime speedrun community and we’ll be more than happy to help so have a great rest of your day good luck with the practice.

Metroid Prime ISO Goole Drive Download Link

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