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The Best VPN Applications – Currently there is a lot of information contained on the internet, which can be obtained by internet users. The content can be in the form of images, videos, audio or just information in the form of text.
The Best Android VPN Application

Touch VPN

Hola Free VPN Proxy

VPN Master

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy

VPN Proxy Master

Open VPN Connect

Information that can be obtained from the internet, often cannot be filtered or filtered by the source. Sometimes it can be content that is not good, we accidentally found on the internet.
For example, there are several sites that present negative content, such as porn sites or gambling sites. Of course, we don’t want to, visit sites with such content.
The Best And Free VPN Application
Today there are many prohibited sites blocked by the government. This aims to reduce access to restricted sites, for internet users in general. Blocked sites are usually redirected to positive internet pages. So that user cannot access the restricted site again.
Of the many blocked sites, unfortunately, not all sites are prohibited. There are also some sites that are positive but are included in the list of blocked sites. For example, the thumb social media site, and also the Reddit forum website.
How to open a blocked site, it’s actually easy if we use a VPN application. Therefore, this time the team will provide the best and free VPN application recommendations for Android.
1. Touch VPN
The first and best free VPN application is Touch VPN. This VPN application provides foreign proxy services, which we can use to open blocked sites. Internet connection when using this free VPN application will remain stable and fast loading site pages.

2. Hola Free VPN Proxy

We can use Hola VPN to open positive internet or healthy internet. In addition, we can use the proxy for this android application to open a blocked site. All previously blocked sites will be easily accessible using Hola Free VPN Proxy.
3. VPN Master

Another free VPN application is VPN Master. This VPN application offers fast internet connections when using proxy services. We can open blocked sites faster, without network interference during surfing.
4. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security

If there are users who are looking for the best free VPN application. So Hotspot Shield Free VPN, Proxy, can be one of the choices. In addition to providing free VPN services, Hotspot Shield also secures users’ internet connections, from various types of cybercrime risks.
5. Master VPN Proxy – Free Security

The VPN Proxy Master is one of the best Android VPN applications, which has been downloaded and used by smartphone users. The ease of using this VPN application is one of the advantages. Only need to press the connect button, then the user can directly connect to the proxy.
6. Open VPN Connect

Next is Open VPN Connect, which can be one of the best Android VPN application options. This free VPN makes it easy for users, to open sites that are blocked by positive internet or healthy internet. Users will surf anonymously, if they are using the best Android VPN application.
One thing to remember, do not use VPN applications to open banned sites, such as gambling sites and porn sites.
Please download the VPN application mentioned above in the Google Play Store. So that the VPN application, we use is free of viruses, or other malicious scripts.


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