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The Famous Game 2 1.3.11 Latest Apk + Mod With Unlimited Money and More is here

It also will show if this games online or offline its offline okay so it’s definitely off light or at least I think it is so paid for two basically it’s gonna take from paper one I haven’t actually played it yet but by the looks of it it’s just a lot more it’s a lot more fluid and it’s more about Wow okay it’s more about the shapes you can do I guess I’m not sure why this is paper.

Actually I have oh shoot oh you can kill yourself I forgot this isn’t sliver you can kill yourself okay interesting so now we’ve got a best score setting so we’re gonna try and get our best score and try and get our highest percentage so it looks like they’re trying to take a little bit of what they did with holder IO in more for the high score side of stuff rather than like just general competition online because that’s obviously what IO games have been known for is their online prowl s whereas Vudu doesn’t seem to make online games.

At least I don’t think they do but oh this is hard to control okay I’m not even joking when I’m saying this is really hard to actually control because there’s no joystick or anything and your finger can kind of get lost so I’m actually doing is just swiping like that so I’m gonna go for like a more of a swipe technique rather than like a carried on analog stick now I don’t know if I’m a fan of the movement system and that’s just me being totally honest.

 I’m always honest when I play games because at the end of the day I want the game to be amazing so I’ll be honest to try and make it as good as I can I like that that little cook like cutting animation look at that looks all right that actually looks really cool hey buddy but now what I don’t know is should I what who killed me should I bother about killing people.

Because all they’re worried about is percentage which means all I really need to do is take as much of the map as I can rather than oh I just realized if you make a circle you kind of kill yourself so yeah I’m not gonna do that anymore so and it also it looks like the spawns are kind of sporadic does that work with how that how they work they just kind of seem to be all over the place because I’m spawning up and there are people just spawning like right next to me.

let’s make a little box here shall we let’s go I just want to make sure oh gee wait what how did wait what happened there that guy cut my line but somehow I survived I’m not sure how that happened hey nutmeg oh nice are we gonna we gonna do this battle okay nutmeg is going away that’s kind of good actually right we’re first okay we’re not first we were first for like a split second and then we got taken back down to earth.

I got way too excited to look that’s gonna be so tough trying to get to the edge on this game is gonna be really really tough on its own okay I’m gonna go oh that’s a big ern that was a big and that guy just killed himself alright we’re into nine percent come on Vikon I can’t venture too far out because it’s so dangerous oh is this guy eating my stuff there is a nutmeg ain’t no Meg hey thank you nutmeg I’m not sure why it did that was a stupid move but yeah like I said this is offline.

So we’re definitely playing with and against computers I’m gonna finish that point thank you whoa where did that green guy just come no-no he took me down on 14.7 – all right this is actually really quite fun but really really tough okay I can draw some pretty funny stuff to my looks about I just killed myself sweet oh wait and at the end it gives you a visual of your drawing haha oh my god people are gonna have so much fun with this.

I might try and spell my logo in one game as well we could do some pretty funny drawings and finish that up actually I’m gonna start take this purple guy is tanky bro how big is he all right now hopefully yeah we got it all right oh I’m lucky that was the big guy – that was the big guy so that’s that’s nice to get I’m gonna start building some bridges.

 I think I think the bridge strategy is still like the best way to play any of this kind of games is cray a bridge fill your bridge and destroy that that’s it like just complete a bridge right you actually are you seriously coming all this way go away so there we go so I’ve cracked my bridge now we just need to complete the bridge by going all the way around sweet okay I’m I’m really close to the edge here ah no no no no I don’t think so I don’t think so at all in fact you’ve annoyed me so much I’m coming in for a kill, oh no okay we’re okay what’s the life hey buddy whoa there we go oh this guy’s made like a pair of legs.

All right where we go and that’s I’m gonna go down to Trixie I’m pretty sure is Trixie and Bombay somebody all right you’re coming up to me Trixie fanny is that seriously that name Wow okay let’s let’s finish that booyah all right sweet we’re up to 15% this is gonna be a new high score I think we look relatively safe to build this I’m just gonna I try I’m this guy his he’s gonna cut me off oh my god okay we’re okay we’re I’m going for it dan dan dan dan dan dan dan dan dan dan Oh No that was so unfair mad Irishman you spawned out of frickin nowhere how is that fair so I don’t know if you’re actually ever gonna get a hundred percent on this game because obviously like like I said these spawns are actually mad that purple .

Guys coming in oops he’s coming back ah I got you bro I got you all right finish that MADD kids this kid mad yo and goodbye all right I might uh whoop sorry I know you went backward but what I’m about to do no go away ah see what I mean though like he’s survived it’s almost like you can cut people’s stuff and they don’t die which is a little bit weird all right 25% is in incoming my friends boom alright you coming for me come on yeah there we go.

Okay he’s actually he’s actually doing some kind of little tricks and stuff so I’m gonna avoid that computer right 26% still yeah all right nice you’ve got to watch it because obviously if people start taking your stuff you’ve got to act upon it you can’t let people take any of your stuff ever whoa hey corny we hit into each other no I forgot that if you hit someone’s heads they die 28.9% alright well our new best shall I try and draw should I try and draw something I don’t know what I can draw let’s just do a circle or like elite please try and make this like circular . 2 Game Reviews

WHAT’S NEW= Minor bug fixes


Updated July 23, 2019

Size 74M

Current Version 1.3.11

Requires 4.4 and up

Content Rating Rated for 3+


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